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BJP Rally – A damp squib


Being one of the media persons of Meghalaya, I was shocked to see that entry by the public into the Rally ground at Polo organised by the Meghalaya BJP Mandal on December 16, last was highly restricted. Thousands of people could not enter the ground where PM Modi was to address the public. The result was that many were bitter and had to turn back for want of a proper place and space to see him even from a distance and to hear his address.

That was not the only problem. Even media persons having valid passes issued by DIPR were reluctantly allowed by the security guards and the BJP volunteers, and were giving confusing directions where to usher them. In the end many media persons were not even allowed to enclosures closer to the dais from where they could have proper positioning for taking photographs of the PM, other VVIPs and the proceedings taking place at the dais. This has demonstrated a media unfriendly attitude and smacks of absolute lack of common sense on the part of the organisers.

The rally turned out to be a small and compacted audience of only BJP followers nicely tucked with saffron turbans on their heads. The rally was meant to be for the public in general and not only for the saffron party followers as public invitation was extended through the widely published advertisements in the English as well as the vernacular print  and electronic media. Moreover, PM Modi wanted to address not only the BJP supporters and followers but the public in general as could be gauged from his public speech on that day. On the other hand the BJP Organisers, BJP volunteers and security guards denied this opportunity to the members of the general public. 

Last of all, this rally has clearly demonstrated that the BJP think tank and leadership of the state have failed miserably in organising such rally. They are bereft of ideas, plans, lack simple understanding and concept on how to organise such events and how to execute them. This reflects very poorly on them. In fact such events should have been entrusted to some reputed event managers who can deliver the goods to save the prestige of the party. I personally could read the body language of the PM even from some distance from the dais that he did not  show much contentment over the crowd presence. In fact, the people present in the rally hardly qualified to be called a crowd. Again, the rally, which was supposed to be an election launching rally for 2018 General Elections to the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly, turned out to be a damped squib. Hence, it further reinforces the already notion  that Meghalaya BJP needs capable, proven and far sighted leaders who can deliver the goods for the party to convince the people of the state that, yes, this is the best alternative to the political ills afflicting the state.

Yours etc.,

Philip Marweiñ,


Stop the noise pollution!


Noise is one form of pollution that seems to be totally unchecked in Shillong. It is only during festivals that we see the government coming out with public notices prohibiting the bursting of crackers beyond a certain decibel. For the rest of the year, the district administration and the police turn a deaf ear to all other sorts of noise pollution. Maruti 800 and two wheeler owners modify their vehicle’s silencers to create a deafening sound when they rev up. Cars cruise through the streets and lanes of the city with blaring music. Then you have late night parties with the music turned on to deafening proportions disturbing all and sundry. The administrators and the police just look the other way as if it is none of their concern.

Recently I had a distressing experience of noise pollution. A relation of mine staying at Nongrah in Nongmarboh locality fell suddenly ill on the evening of 12th December.  I rushed to her place with a doctor and was with the family till 2 a.m. on the 13th. What shocked me was the loud music being played from open air speakers in a wedding within the Windermere estate near my friend’s house – this loud and riotous music continued well beyond midnight. What was worse was that crackers were being burst at regular intervals up to 1.30 am of the 13th. The dogs in the locality were howling continuously at the bursting of crackers. No one in the house could sleep a wink the entire night and it was so traumatic for the patient that we had to eventually shift her to a hospital simply to get away from the noise. I am told that this is not the first time that such incidents occur within that estate. Why do the police not take action on such people who flout the rules under the Noise Pollution (Regulation and Control) Rules, 2000? Same also goes for the Rangbah Shnong, Rangbah Dong and other officials of the dorbar shnong. They must have heard all the commotion but yet did nothing. It is utterly shameful that these people do not care for the well-being and comfort of the others staying in a residential area. No one would have dared to do such things in my own dong of Nongrimmaw, Laitumkhrah.

I would request the district administration and the police to be more proactive and exert its powers where it is needed the most as in such occasions in all parts of the city. And will these so-called traditional heads do their jobs rather than just holding on to their dorbar chairs.

Yours etc.,

R.B. Ryntathiang,

Shillong – 3.

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