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Power cut woes!


Through your esteemed daily I would like to draw the attention of Meghalaya Energy Corporation Ltd (MeECL), Shillong about the frequent power cuts in Police Bazar almost daily for about 7-8 times for reasons best known  to  the authorities of the Corporation. When there is shortage of water in the Umiam lake there is power cut and now when there is enough water in the Umaim lake then also power cut is making our lives miserable.

Is there no mechanism to regulate power supply when the consumers have to pay through their noses for the high price of electricity consumption? Hope the authorities or the engineers will look into the matter and ensure constant supply of power.

 Yours etc.,

  S.L Singhania,

Shillong -1


Promoting bamboo products


On November 23rd 2017 the President of India cleared an ordinance amending the Indian Forest Act, 1927, omitting bamboo grown in non-forest areas from the definition of trees. Definition of tree in the Indian Forest Act, 1927 u/section 2(7) included palms, bamboos, skumps, brush-wood and canes. The brief ordinance is aimed at increasing bamboo plantations.  Now felling and transportation of bamboos would be exempted from requirement of permits.

At present, India imports timber and allied products such as pulp, paper and furniture. In 2015, India imported about 18.01 million cubic meters of timber and allied products worth Rs 43,000 crore. The amendment will help in addressing some of these issues, besides meeting the demand from domestic production. According to the United Nation Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), the bamboo business in the North-East region alone has a potential of about Rs 5000 crore in the next 10 years.

The measure will go a long way in enhancing the agricultural income of farmers and tribals, especially in North-East and Central India. The amendment is also aimed at encouraging farmers and others to take up plantation of suitable bamboo species on degraded land, in addition to plantation on agricultural land and other private lands under agro-forestry mission.

The amendment would help millions of people in rural sector of the North East and also in the remote villages throughout the country for construction of bamboo- huts where they live in. Increased growth of bamboos sans policing by forest department and permit granting regime would also help faster civil constructional activities in the urban sector.

A major objective of the amendment finally is to promote cultivation of bamboo in non-forest areas to achieve the twin objectives of increasing the income of farmers and also increasing the green cover of the country.

Yours etc.,

Samares Bandyopadhyay

Advocate Calcutta High Court,

Via email


Rise of PM Modi and roar of subversive forces 


      If your son befriends the difficult and long time enemies of your own family/clan then how do you describe him and how do you feel about your future? Will it not be likely to open the door to countless tragedies? But in India, such thing is now being openly celebrated. In the last couple of years the political leaders of certain parties have been taking the wrong step forward in having closed-door meetings with the leaders of Pakistan/China. What transpires among them is obviously against the present government and the nation’s fundamental ethos. Those leaders have often been heard to be  sympathetic towards the terrorists or those who, “roar against the nation” or against its patriotic values. Yes, those leaders jump forward to defend them who wreak havoc on peaceful citizens.   Some leaders are apologetic that certain NGOs/media should not be harassed in the name of fighting the terrorists and ISIS. This is how the country’s leaders defend the dangerous postures of dangerous outfits. Will this trend not invite greater troubles to the nation in future?

One wonders how the apex judiciary of the country allow political parties to pour out their pent-up anger before the leaders of neighboring countries who are always aggressively in a combative mood. Why is the Supreme Court silent on such blatant subversive activities?

Very recently, one senior leader of the national party even scoffed at Prime Minister Modi by calling him a depraved being “Neech”. What are the criteria for one being morally low? Has PM Modi fallen short of any standards of integrity since he works sincerely and formulates innovative plans and schemes for the greater welfare of the nation?   Well, has he not been constitutionally elected by the people of this country? Why is the media is less aggressive and more defensive of those transgressors who wield daggers behind the cloak.

Whatsoever be the political dispensation at the Center, such open rebellion against the government will not augur well for the nation and its 1.25 billion citizens. 

Yours etc.,  

Salil Gewali,

Via email

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