BJP expects saffron wave to sweep Meghalaya after Modi’s rally on Saturday


SHILLONG: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has expressed optimism that there a BJP and Modi wave will be set off in Meghalaya after the visit of the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi to the city on Saturday.

Addressing a press conference here in the city on Thursday, BJP leader, J A Lyngdoh said that leaders of the party from different districts of the state would attend the   rally of the Prime Minister at Polo on Saturday.

Modi is scheduled to land in Shillong after 1 P.M. after which he would proceed straight to Polo address “The Rally for Change”.

The BJP leader also claimed that it Congress party   would find it difficult to achieve even double digits in the upcoming polls.

Another party leader, B Khongwir said that the volunteers of the party were geared up and there were 20 different committees which would look into different aspects of the PM’s visit.

He also said that they expect a lot of people to attend the rally though ground number 5, where the rally is supposed to be held, is very small.

Prime Minister, Narendra Modi is also expected to inaugurate the newly constructed office the state party during his visit.


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