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KSU slams Danggo for blaming NGOs

MAWKYRWAT: Irked by the accusation of PWD minister and local MLA, MM Danggo, the KSU on Monday said that lack of development in the region was because of the legislator’s “ failure and inability” to bring development to the area after 20 years.
Danggo had recently accused the KSU and NGOs of blocking development in Ranikor constituency.
KSU publicity secretary of South West Khasi Hills unit, Hoffen Muller Langte, on Monday said the main reason that Warsan Lyngdoh, Wahkaji-Phlangdiloin and Ranikor areas were lagging behind was because of the inefficiency of the local MLA to bring development to the area.
“He has failed on all fronts. Till now, we do not have a college in Ranikor, Wahkaji-Phlangdiloin area has not been given a communit and rural development block which it deserves while the PHC at Wahkaji is not functional, not to mention the poor road connectivity,” he said.
The KSU also alleged that the Rs 25 crore KHADC promised for repair of the Wahkaji roads has not materialised as the PWD minister was politicising the matter. “He is the reason why the funds promised by KHADC are still pending,” Langte alleged.
“The MLA was trying to hide his inability and irresponsibility for the past 20 years as he did nothing to develop the area and is shifting the blame on the KSU,” Langte said while demanding that the legislator should also make his stand on uranium mining clear. 
“We condemn the MLA for blaming the union and NGOs for lack of development in the Ranikor area. We want to know whether it was the NGOs or him that was sitting in Secretariat or whether it was the NGOs or him that raised issues in the Assembly.” Langte said, adding that the Union also wanted to know where the funds under MLA schemes were spent in the past 20 years.
The KSU also demanded that the legislator explain to the people of the area on how he implemented MLA schemes in the past five years or else the union would be compelled to reveal all.
The schemes include the Special Rural Works Programme, Construction of Rural Roads Programme, Intensive Arts and Cultural Development Programme, Intensive Sports and Youth Development Programme, Chief Minister’s Special Rural Development Fund and the Development of Traditional and Folk Music.

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