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Child Abuse


One may wonder how little children can be sexually abused and what bestial pleasure was derived from assaulting a 4-year old in a school in Kolkata. Whatever mental perversion may cause such brutal acts, it appears that such shameful occurrences increased by 82% in 2016. According to National Crimes Records Bureau Data (NCRB), the increase in such incidence may however be due to the greater focus on such crimes and improved registration. The indications are that greater stress is now put on the need for safeguarding our children. There are cases of consensual sex among adolescents. Such action is criminalised in India. Rape cases are filed in such circumstances by parents, who are perhaps not aware of the involvement of their children. The law should be more enlightened about adolescent love making. All this however should not minimise the disgrace of an 82% spike in child abuse. Homes and schools should be made more secure and the offenders should be severely punished. Teachers who have such depraved orientation should be thrown out of their work and the law should be strict about them.

Laws on sexual crimes as distinct from consensual sex out of wedlock among adolescents should be made far more stringent. Besides, the judicial system should be more effective in implementing revised laws. It is regrettable that while the number of sexual crimes registered has shot up, conviction rate remains low. Special courts should be set up to dispense speedy justice in cases of child abuse. The police should ensure swift punishment. Children themselves cannot raise their voice against such inhuman perversity. Civilised society should be vocal on their behalf.

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