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Pakistan and terror-mongering

Hafiz Saeed has been released from house arrest once again. It is the 7th time that the head of the JuD/LeT has been arrested and the 6th time that he has been released. The release came a few days after the US Congress dropped the LeT from a provision in a bill linking financial aid to Pakistan with action by Pakistan against terrorist groups. The Pakistan army had said that Saeed was detained in the national interest. The house arrest came a few days after Donald Trump took office as President of the US. Trump was vitriolic in his attack on terror in Pakistan and Saeed’s term of house arrest was extended. Pakistan surprised India by putting the JuD offshoot, Tehri-e-Azadi Kashmir on the list of prosecuted organisations. Back in 2009, two FIRs were registered against Hafiz Saeed. But these were short lived. JuD was not listed as a terrorist organisation and the civilian government of Pakistan in Islamabad was taken to task by Pakistan High Court for working under pressure from India and the US. The High Court’s recent order releasing Hafiz Saeed from house arrest was only to be expected.

All this shows how really serious/unserious Pakistan is about turning its heat on terrorism in that country. It is significant that Saeed’s release coincides with the anniversary of the Mumbai attacks. The trial of those belonging to Saeed’s organisation, who were arrested by Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency is still pending and there is no assurance that the criminals will be convicted in the near future. Unless Pakistan takes prompt action in this regard, relations between India and Pakistan can never improve. Pakistan itself is a victim of terrorism. There was suicide bombing in Peshawar at the same time as Saeed was released. What really is the difference between good and bad terrorists? 

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