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ASEEM Plan: Virtual Landline @ Rs 8.25 per month

SHILLONG: Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has launched a Virtual Landline connection under Plan ‘ASEEM’ on PAN India basis. Under this scheme, a customer can choose a landline indicator of his choice (except landline vanity indicator) and all incoming calls coming to this landline number shall be automatically forwarded to one number of any network of subscriber choice without any additional cost implication. No copper wire or FTTH or jumper in MDF is involved for providing “Virtual” landline number for customer.

Annual Rent in case of BSNL subscriber choice number is Rs. 99/- and for any other network subscriber choice number, it is Rs 199/-

DNP (Disconnected due to non-payment) Customers for three months or more can take “Virtual” landline connection under Plan “ASEEM”. Voluntary Closure Customers are also allowed to opt for this Plan and Existing Landline Customers, on shifting of residence in Non feasible areas are also allowed to opt for this Plan. For details, contact your nearest BSNL customer service centre.

This was informed by the SDE (Marketing), GMTD, Shillong.


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