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MBoSE syllabus revamp!


So the MBoSE is in the process of overhauling the entire syllabus from Class I to Class X and has floated the expression of interest which has generated a response from leading publishers from across the country who then submitted their manuscripts for further action.

Now, why should the MBoSE shop for manuscripts when the National Council Of  Educational Research And Training (NCERT) syllabus is already there? Maybe because doing business with NCERT will not give the required cut or slice to those who want the revamp? MBoSE textbooks are not at par with NCERT textbooks and hence for the majority of students studying in schools under MBoSE, there is an automatic disadvantage for them when it comes to sitting for competitive exams like NEET, JEE, etc., simply because NCERT syllabus equips the student to perform better in such exams than the MBoSE syllabus does. This in turn generates a positive impact for their future career. And that too at a cheaper price than ‘leading publisher’s syllabus. It seems that the student’s future is not really a priority for the ones going ahead with this revamp!!

Yours etc.,

A Lyngdoh,

Via email

A State of Festivals


A sort of ‘ tourism promotion ‘ of the state by authorities of the government through the Cherry Blossom Festival that is currently being held here is ironically becoming a laughing stock on social media platforms. People are criticizing the way public money is being spent.  Those who are true experts in the tourism industry will agree that such festivals have nothing or very little impact to the tourism sector here.  Our roads that are the lifeline to every nook and corner of the State are in a shameful condition and lie unrepaired. The question here is, what exactly is the goal of holding such a fanfare festival?  The tourism and the forest department have all the money in the world to spend for such unproductive fests while our budding tourism entrepreneurs have to fend for themselves with no financial assistance whatsoever. Perhaps these festivals are a ploy to loot public money than to promote tourism. 

Yours etc… 

Dominic S. Wankhar


Vote for Change!


We have three months  to  go  for the 13th  Assembly  election. Some   aspirants  have  made   up  their  minds which  boat   to  sail  on while  others  are  not  in hurry. It’s  a wait and watch situation for  reasons   best   known  to   them. But  the  electorate  this   time has  learned   so  much  from   past   experiences and is determined   to  vote  for  a change. They are done with  the  present  government. In the last few years  people have become wiser, more  sensible and much more aware of  what  is going  on around  them.  They  are more conscious of  their rights thanks largely to various   social   media.

It is worth  mentioning here  that  according  to some observers,  30%  of the electorate  are  the intellectuals  and educated  class  who  understand  good governance. All they want is a functioning  and corruption free government.  About 20%  are those  who vote in favor of  someone because he or she is a relative or a friend. (self interest, indifferent attitudes towards  performances  of the elected). Another  20%  are  the merry making class  who just go with the flow. The louder the party is the better. They are ignorant, insensitive  and  oblivious of  what the future will become when we are ruled  by criminals. The next and the last category of electorate which constitute 30% are the migrants which includes the infiltrators. Their interest is to establish themselves here as permanent settlers (who  through some notorious politicians, to  serve his  selfish interests i.e to gain vote bank has granted these migrants  the right to settle here). Now which category are you in?

 Good  governance is not about distributing gifts (a way to woo the voters). It is not about building or installing statues or busts. It is not about organizing  social meets, inauguration of various useless projects and countless numbers of festivals. What better excuse than the chance to squander public money. Indeed this is how public money has been drained out year after year with the hefty portion  finding  its way into the politicians’ pockets. So let us all hope that  the 2018 election  brings a wind of change.

 Yours etc.,                                                                                                                                               M.L Kharmawphlang.
  Shillong- 4.

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