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Rs 38 lakh stolen ATM money recovered by Tura police


TURA: Tura police have recovered almost the entire amount of cash stolen from an ATM kiosk at Tura super market by a gang of criminals earlier  this week following the arrest of four persons connected to the private company engaged in putting cash into the machine vaults.

The stolen money amounting to over thirty-eight lakh rupees was kept hidden in the house of one of the prime suspects at Nakhma Bazar locality of Tura.

The accused, Vijay Debnath, who hails from Dhubri town in Assam, was the company man responsible for filling the cash vaults of the ATM machines. He was arrested by police along with three others for their alleged role in the ATM heist that took place on Tuesday night.

The gang had stolen a total of Rs, 39,86,400/- from the ATM and also abandoned a sum of one and a half lakh rupees behind the machine in their hurry to escape.

When police raided the Nakham bazaar house rented by Vijay on Saturday afternoon they found the money hidden in a sack. A total of Rs 38,41,500/- of the stolen cash was inside the sack.

Police sources reveal that the arrested employee of the company engaged in handling the cash was one of the prime members of the gang who managed to obtain the password of another employee before cracking the ATM vaults to steal the money.

The breakthrough comes within days of another gang falling under the Tura police net. Two members of a criminal group who lifted Rs 25 lakh from a bank employee near DC office and tried to flee to Dhubri via the launch boat from Phulbari ghat were intercepted on the Jinjiram river and brought back with the stolen money.




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