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                     World War III as Armageddon to satisfy national jingoism


                                               By Ratan Bhattacharjee


Armageddon is the War to end all wars. In the post Second World War period we heard a lot about the preparation for such a war to end all wars. “If you want to end wars, then prepare for a War to end all wars,” was the shout from both the Soviet Union and the United States. Suddenly a new balancing started in the global order. It is unexpectedly South Korea instead of North Korea that threatens the US with dire consequences if their sovereignty is further threatened. It may contain some truth as the US Senator Bob Corker has recently blasted a bomb by accusing American President Trump of pushing to the path of World War III. His support is now crucial for passing the Tax Reform bill and deciding the Iran Nuclear deal. In the present context of Korean threat to blast a nuclear bomb to punish America for its neo-imperialism, this rebuke from Corker is quite significant. Corker is very assertive in his choice of words” Trump’s recklessness threatens World War III.” This ‘recklessness’ he explains is a threat to other countries. It is an open secret that America is a bullying nation always on the alert to establish its own hegemony as a global don. Once Einstein was asked what he thought of the consequences of the World War III. The great scientist replied, “I don’t know what will happen after the Third World War but certainly after the World War IV will be fought with bows and arrows.”

Hence whatever threat America can pose for beginning World War III with nuclear weapons it will commit an unpardonable crime to unleash nuclear terror on mankind.  After World War II there was a big slogan in favour of Armageddon, to begin the war to end all wars. But with so many nuclear powers all over the globe, the consequences can easily be conjectured.  Some political observers feel that the next World War will likely happen in Asia and the two super powers America and China will be the principal contender for establishing their hegemony although China’s military still lags far behind the US. China is still dependent on the US and its allies the EU and Japan. China is still vulnerable to naval blockade. Great dependence on foreign markets is a weakness for which US and its allies can threaten other countries which including China have not yet been able to shift from ‘export -oriented model’ to ‘domestic sources of growth’. China will need open support from countries like Russia and India as a geopolitical block which may be including even Australia. India’s rise as a new global power is still a headache for Beijing leaders and the recent Doklam stand-off has shown the bitterness in place of a cordial give and take situation. China repeatedly refers to Indian intervention in Tibet for justifying its offensive in the border and no man’s land area. It still daydreams of Sikkim annexation. In spite of a collective defense pact among China Russia Pakistan the war to end all wars cannot be fought against America.

According to the Book of Revelation in the New Testament of the Bible Armageddon is the prophesied location of a gathering of armies for a battle during the end times and symbolically the end of the world. A threat to unleash ‘fire and fury ‘ in retaliation to threats by Pyongyang can have snowball effects leading to an Armageddon. The Trump administration has already been seized with anxiety and terror following North Korea’s successful testing of a long-range missile. US military warmongers are trembling in fear and running amok. Reckless and hysteric behaviours may reduce the US mainland to ashes at any moment and 60 Congress Members warned American President to stop giving bombastic threats. North Korea’s aggressive rhetoric already sparked off much conjectures for a global apocalypse after Trump threatens the state with annihilation. Whatever may happen it will not be the war to end all wars , rather this  US -Korean stand -off will spread like bonfire with new  strategic  blocks and allies . Not only Trump’s America, the world itself will see ‘a miserable end’ a phrase Kim Jong-Un used after Trump’s suggested war against North Korea.

Trump earlier threatened to launch rockets at US Pacific island Guam and moved fighter jets to the coast to counter the US bombers. Third World War is now a real and frightening possibility and one can only surmise at the ultimate consequences as this time it will be a global nuclear war.

The Cold War scenario is now out of our heads and with that the prospect of a Third Word War until this US – North Korean conflict assumed a serious turn. In the Cold War era everyone imagined that the next world war would be fought between two superpowers – the Soviet Union and the United States-a war between the Capitalists and the Communists and many even hoping for a new millennium after the end of the Armageddon. Now the total scenario has changed with the Soviet Union disappearing and the bipolar realities having receded. The Cross-Crescent fight after the Al-Qaeda rise and operations is no longer a reality. After the Al Qaeda and Islamic States have spread their operations round the world, everyone thought of the Cross- Crescent War – the jihadis versus crusaders. It was not a fear of nuclear war that chased us that time. But now the situation is different. Threat of terrorism is now changed to bullying and hegemonic rhetoric between two unexpected adversaries. One hope is still there for Kim Jong said “Our Republic is a responsible nuclear state that will not use nuclear weapon first unless aggressive hostile forces use nuclear weapons to invade our sovereignty.” National jingoism is no longer in its heyday. Neither North Korea nor America can take the world as their pawn for displaying their national jingoism and to satisfy the thirst of a modern Tamburlaine no one can use nuclear weapons as the first striker. No nation has the right to annihilate mankind from earth in the name of national sovereignty. Now many are thinking that nuclear weapons and long range missiles can be the only deterrent to US hegemony and intimidation, but at the same time it cannot be forgotten that such thoughts will only impoverish the nations and each dollar spent on the destructive nuclear weapons can be used more effectively for the welfare of mankind. It is better to make the world beautiful and vibrant than to make it a heap of dirty devastation.

(Ratan Bhattacharjee is Associate Professor & Head PG Eng of Dum Dum Motijheel College, Kolkata a columnist and poet. He can be reached at [email protected]


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