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171 guests came to Governor’s swearing-in on their personal expenses: Assam Raj Bhavan

GUWAHATI: The Raj Bhavan here on Thursday stated that no money from the state exchequer was spent as reported in a section of the media, for bearing the expenditure for hosting 200 guests who had come along with the new Governor Prof. Jajdish Mukhi to attend his swearing-in ceremony here on October 10.
In a communique issued by Raj Bhavan said, “ In view of a news item appeared on a section of media that a huge amount had been spent for hosting 200 guests who had come along with the Governor to attend his swearing in ceremony in Guwahati, it may kindly be noted that all the guests had come on their personal expenses and no expenditure was incurred from the state exchequer for their travelling and other amenities.
“Moreover, it may kindly be noted that for the oath-taking ceremony of the Governor, 191 guests were to come but because of delayed flights, 20 numbers of guests could not come and the total number of guests who actually had come was 171. Among 171 guests, 40 guests had come only on the day of oath taking ceremony and had left on the same day. Again, about 20 guests had stayed in Guwahati at their own expenses and later had gone to visit some other places. Moreover, all the guests of the Governor Prof Mukhi had come to attend the oath taking ceremony on their personal expenses. Among these guests, who were present in the ceremony was a cabinet minister from Jammu &Kashmir, two Members of Parliament from Delhi and Haryana, two Mayors from Delhi and two Standing Committee Chairman graced the occasion.
“Assam Governor Prof Jajdish Mukhi has a long public life spanning for more than 40 years. During his long association with the public he developed his friendship and camaraderie in every section of the society. So, before taking over the charge of a constitutional position like Governor, some of his guests had expressed their desire to witness the moment and out of love and affection these 171 guests had come to Assam. His political career was very clean. In the light of these facts, the perceived thought that a huge sum was spent from the state’s exchequer for the travelling and other amenities of the guests was baseless.”


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