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Shillong Traffic police to introduce e-challan to punish violators


SHILLONG: The city traffic police in collaboration with a leading private bank is now contemplating to start an initiative of impounding traffic violators   in the city through E-challans.

East   Khasi Hills SP, Davis Marak said that the similar initiatives had already been rolled out in other parts of the country and the idea was still at the conceptualization stage in Shillong.

The matter is under discussion with the bank and the move, if implemented, would bring much more transparency in the entire process of traffic cops impounding traffic violators in the city.

“As we go digital, the so called allegations that traffic cops indulge in corruption while dealing with violators, can be eliminated and there will be more transparency as   people will know they are being charged under which Section and how much they are being charged,” Marak said.

The entire process would be   computerised   and police can monitor the entire instances of impounding online.

The Traffic police has asked for POS devices for swiping of ATM card which would be linked to banks through mobile and eventually mobile challans will be generated.

Initially, the private bank is scheduled to give 30 POS devices to Shillong Traffic police and each traffic branch will be given three to four POS machines.

The POS machines would also have to be linked to mobile phones belonging to the traffic personnel.

In addition, for the project to be rolled out, the bank also has to design a MIS software which is compatible and through the software, police would have all the details of the impounding done by the traffic sleuths.

“The Shillong Traffic Police and   the private Bank would have more deliberations on the matter. If they can get the entire system ready on time, we will move ahead to

implement the idea at the earliest,” Marak said.


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