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Students’ plight turns into political game


As a concerned citizen of Meghalaya, I cannot understand why the Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) is demanding the resignation of the Chief Minister of Meghalaya Dr Mukul Sangma and his Council of Ministers over the issue of denial of admissions to MBBS students from Meghalaya in medical colleges of Assam. The statement issued by the BJYM is merely a publicity stunt to earn cheap publicity without really going into the root of the matter. As has been reported, the Chief Minister of Meghalaya was very prompt in responding to this issue as soon as news of the denial of seats broke out. He even spoke to the CM of Assam on this. Therefore this not only exposes the BJYM’s political agenda before the elections but also its desire to create confusion.

It is ironic that they are condemning the Congress Government of Meghalaya when in fact they should be condemning the BJP led Assam Government for not doing enough to ease the plight of the students from Meghalaya who want to pursue their studies. Students had to suffer because of the political enmity between the two states and BJYM has turned it into a political issue. This is not acceptable. In fact the BJYM should offer solutions to the problem instead of making it as their agenda to score political points at the cost of the students.

Yours etc.,

Joannes JTL Lamare,



Plight of Rohingya Muslims and Buddhist extremism


The Rohingya, a Muslim minority in Rakhine state of Buddhist majority Myanmar is the most persecuted people in the world. Lakhs of people fled across the Bangladesh border and thirty thousand are trapped in the hilly terrain after Myanmar forces began clearance operation that led to genocide. This started after Rohingya militants killed 12 security officers in the border outposts. Media has no access to that land of the  Nobel laureate. Shockingly the de facto leader Suu Kyi has refused to criticise the army’s actions due to the forthcoming election in November.  Despite living for generations, Rohingyas have been denied citizenship. Myanmar considers them Bangladeshis and Bangladesh says they are Burmese. International community from Malala to the Taliban, Muslim nations Indonesia, Qatar, Afghanistan, Turkey, Malaysia, Chechnya voiced anger across Asia at Myanmar’s violence. Our PM has arrived at Nay Pyi Taw after BRICS summit in Xiamen to discuss issues of rising violence apart from the bilateral infrastructure projects ‘Act East’ policy. Surprisingly some forty thousand Rohingyas illegally stayed in India and fifty five thousand registered with the UN in Malaysia. Now the Supreme Court of India has agreed to hear a petition challenging the government’s decision to deport all the Rohingyas living in our country.

But the real danger has just begun. In the name of Jihad for the plight of Rohingyas, Myanmar may be a target for ISIS. The bottom line is that migrants are a potential pool of recruits for militants. The conflict may lighten the rod for Islamist networks that stretch from Philippines to Indonesia and Malaysia with links to Middle East. The battle between Buddhist extremism and Islamist extremists has just begun. Can India’s North East escape from this global crisis?

Yours etc.,

Kamal Baruah


Digvijaya Singh – A loose cannon


United we Stand, divided we fall is a common adage. The administrative failure of  Digvijaya Singh as Chief Minister of erstwhile Madhya Pradesh state resulted in the state splitting into two – Madhya Pradesh and  Chattisgarh without considering the long-term economic viability, self-sufficiency and sustenance of the newly born state of Madhya Pradesh as the entire mineral resources lay in the womb of Chattisgarh. The partition of the MP State was completed during the Congress-led UPA regime which inherited the legacy and the philosophy of “divide-and-rule” from their British Masters. In doing so they have ignored the universally experienced and accepted adage of “Unity is Strength”.  Digvijaya Singh the master-mind of communal disharmony, coined in a sycophantic tone the term ”Hindu-terrorism ” for appeasing and providing a vocabulary to Rahul Gandhi for election campaigning with an eye on the vote-bank for the Congress party. Making derogatory statements and denigrating the entire Hindu community is undesirable. Is it not necessary to review the definition of the terms “Secularism & pseudo-Secularism”?

During the proxy war launched by Pakistan in Mumbai on Nov 28, 2008 where many innocents of different died different communities died and there was wide-spread carnage not even sparing hospitals and ailing patients, it is important to investigate as to who instructed the Congress Government to send three senior-most police officers huddled together in a jeep to combat and counter-the Pakistani terrorists led by Kasav.

In Srimad Bhagavad Gita it is scripted that the life-style and standards of ethics, manners and values as created and set by great men and souls are generally and normally followed by ordinary mortals. Of course, Congressmen like Digvijaya Singh and N D Tiwari are certainly not the epitomes of ethics and morality!

Yours etc.,

Samares Bandyopadhyay

Advocate, Kolkata High Court

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