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Super Care denies allegations, slams activist for false news

SHILLONG: Super Care Hospital here has denied allegations made by a social activist from Mawsynram that the five-year-old girl Risahun Iangjuh was discharged without being operated.
The activist, Banshai Marbaniang, had demanded an inquiry against the hospital in this regard.
The hospital however denied the allegations on the basis that Marbaniang did not provide any medical support to the patient and was putting false accusations on the hospital for his ulterior motives.
In a statement on Tuesday, Super Care Hospital Administrator Dr Philamon Nongbet said “five-year-old Risahun Iangjuh is not suffering from Ring Worm (Khaid) as mentioned in the article, which is a fungal infection of skin. Risahun had developed chicken pox at home in the month of May 2017.  Parents did not seek any medical care and the lesions got infected. They applied honey and lime on the lesions which led to gangrene of her skin.”
According to Nongbet, Risahun was first admitted in NEIGRIHMS, where two major skin debridement surgeries were performed. She was then referred to Department of Plastic Surgery, Guwahati Medical College & Hospital. Parents had taken her there on June 9, but returned to Shillong same day as they were not satisfied with the medical facilities in GMCH.
The hospital added that due to non-availability of beds in another private hospital in Shillong they got the girl admitted in Super Care.
Nongbet also added that patient’s parents had financial constraints and were explained at admission itself about the prolonged hospital stay, ICU Care, expensive antibiotics, daily sterile dressings, requirement of blood transfusions and non availability of plastic surgery in the hospital.
“They still insisted for admission and initiation of treatment at Supercare. The patient on the day of admission had features of sepsis and anemia. Over the course of time, she became clinically stable and could sit and walk. Extra care was given to the patient – firstly because the patient is just a five-year old child, who requires a lot of tender care and empathy,” the statement added
The hospital authorities further added that instead of blacklisting the hospital and its staff, the patient’s parents and well-wishers should have appreciated the doctor’s and the staff’s work.
The hospital administrator said “The pediatrician Dr. Anamika Mall and her team of nurses have done a commendable job to bring the patient back to life otherwise she would not have been fit for discharge.”
The statement added that several times during hospital stay, parents were informed about the medical care expenses and options of going to NEIGHRIHMS, Ganesh Das Hospital, Civil Hospital, Guwahati Medical College, Assam, understanding their financial constraints, but they still insisted to continue care at Supercare.
After MHIS enrollment, a detailed medical report with pictures of patient’s wounds were sent over to MHIS with estimated expenditure of Rs. 3 lakh but MHIS approved only Rs. 1.8 lakh, the hospital informed.
“Parents were duly informed about the approval amount and advised that instead of staying in a private hospital and utilising these limited funds, it would be a better option for them to go to a hospital with plastic surgery facilities and use the granted funds accordingly. Parents still insisted on continuing the care at Supercare Hospital,” the clarification added.
Maintaining that actual medical expenses were much higher but considering the financial constraints of the family, the hospital subsidised the cost tremendously to the extent that they kept her isolated in one of the semi-private rooms in the ‘General Ward’ to prevent her from going into sepsis or have hospital acquired infections. The hospital added that the bill for the month of June could not even be settled with the patient party.
“Since she is fit for plastic surgery, therefore, she was discharged after discussing with the parents,” the statement added.
The hospital alleged that Marbaniang recorded the conversations between him, Dr. R. S. Thangkhiew and Dr. Anamika Mall without their approved consent.
“He also invited a reporter without informing the administration and concerned authorities. He did a video recording in the hospital which is prohibited. Doing an audio recording and video recording without consent is a criminal offence and due legal action shall be taken against him,” the statement added.

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