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Safety belts only at police points!


It is seen and witnessed by majority on how drivers in our state use the safety belt. Whenever cars especially local taxi and tourist cab drivers, approach the police check points and when see a police patrol  the drivers would pull over their safety belt and brace it over their shoulder and lock it safely. It happens especially with those who come from outskirts of the city and who do inter-city travels. The main reason is fear of penalty and fine which happens in many instances due to neglect of traffic rules and forget to put it on, as majority of drivers are not accustomed to it. Besides, imposing rules with safety belts in the city where traffic is high makes it uneasy for many drivers thatb there are those who do not obey the safety belt rule. The fact is that as soon as the cabs crossed the police points the safety belt is taken off and hangs unused by the driver’s side.

Safety belts are meant to safeguard against accidents due to unexpected hard control of car while driving. This is mandatory for the driver’s own safety and that of his passengers. Few families use safety belts provided in a car except the driver. But in our state, safety belts are meant only for obedience of traffic rules. Cab drivers dislike the formality of being questioning on their neglect to use the same. And drivers automatically use safety belts only on such points. What is the point of using safety belts when drivers have not imbibed the mentality of safe driving?

For highway and long distance drivers, safety belts give them assurance that speed will not push or dash a driver to the wind shield or sides (that can cause injury). It has also become a tradition and safety habit for some and in other parts of the state. The Traffic Department needs to provide safety manuals and to outline general awareness of the need and importance of safety belts. The task is not easy when the general population is not conditioned to think of safe driving. Thus, implementing rule on it is meaningless unless wearing safety belts because second habit.

Imparting information and knowledge via different media and improvement of the implementation of traffic rules and regulation without being corrupted by outdated and unruly ways will help to educate people over the use of safety belts. Improvement can be made at any time. There are always ways and means and to improve things for systematic and proper living.

Yours etc.,

Jellingstar Lymba

Shillong – 9.

Traffic chaos at Don Bosco Square!


My letter captioned “Bizarre traffic routes,”  Angela Lyngdoh’s letter captioned “Traffic woes in Shillong”,and Dominic S Wankhar’s letter captioned “Unimaginative traffic plans,” published on February 18, April 19 and May 13, 2017 respectively to draw the attention of the Shillong Traffic Police on reverting to the earlier traffic arrangement around Don Bosco Square has fallen on deaf ears. Perhaps the Shillong Traffic Chief thinks the current traffic management works. The stoic silence of the authorities concerned on the matter is incomprehensible. In addition to the chaos around Don Bosco Square, Upland Road, a residential area (thrown open for vehicles from St. Mary’s​ end) is jammed till late evening with vehicles and causes regular bottlenecks on Upland Road , Red Hill Road and Gordon-Bhagyakul, New Colony and Nongkynrih junction, compounded by a dozen buses plying to and from NIT, Shillong throughout the day. Moreover, Jacob’s Ladder was converted to a motorable road at the expense of the public exchequer to enable smooth flow of traffic from Laitumkhrah towards Khyndailad (Police Bazaar) & other places en-route. The very purpose of such conversion has been defeated by reversing traffic on this stretch as very few vehicles take this steep climb. Further, the stretch from St. Mary’s School to Shillong College which is now open from Don Bosco Square all day irrespective of school hours is risky for school children and motorists. Finally, the woes of the commuters going from Laitumkhrah towards Khyndailad and places en-route need not be overemphasized.

I appeal to the concerned authorities to kindly address this issue at the earliest and revert to the traffic arrangement prevalent earlier.

Yours etc.,

Mohitosh Chakravarty,

Shillong -3.

Why blame Shillong Municipality?


A few days ago in a poll conducted by “The Shillong Times” 79% of the people agreed that it is the fault of the Municipal Board for Shillong getting a low rank in the “Swacch Sarvekshan..” I for once  have to disagree with this view. Until and unless we stop throwing garbage carelessly, the city will never be clean. Many people even now would just throw the plastic bags and packets carelessly after eating their f ood. Then there are sellers who dump their waste wherever they want without caring. the cleanliness of the city that provides them a livelihoods.

 If we as citizens of Shillong can maintain cleanliness by throwing all waste  in the dustbins and the sellers dump the garbage in specified places, then the Municipality will be able to clean the city better and without facing any hardship. Then someday Shillong will also be one of the cleanest cities of India. That will happen only if we can change our  attitudes.

Yours etc.,                              

Reakor  Shisha Kharkrang,

Shillong,- 9

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