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India boycotts OBOR meet!

India refused to take part in the One Belt One Road (OBOR) summit in Beijing. China organised the summit to highlight the merits of the project as part of globalisation. But India is well aware of its drawback. India has in any case reason to take a negative attitude. China is opposed to India’s entry to the Nuclear Suppliers Group, it’s getting permanent membership of the UN Security Council and UN Sanctions against the terrorist Masood Azhar. The Chinese tilt towards Pakistan against India is apparent. The Indian Ministry of External Affairs is fully alive to the inscrutability of Chinese negotiation tactics in the last two to three decades. Beijing tries to leverage its large size. OBOR as now structured will provide business to Chinese banks and Chinese companies while putting competitors at a disadvantage.

The China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has been projected by China’s President, Xi Jingping as a main feature of OBOR. But its details have not been divulged. The information available is not reassuring. It involves large scale penetration into Pakistan’s economy. Besides, it runs through Pak- occupied Kashmir and India claims it to be part of its territory. Chinese enterprises will as a result of CPEC dominate Pakistan’s economy. That is not globalisation but a kind of neo- imperialism. The US administration has already condemned the scheme saying that it will foment Pakistan- based cross-border terrorism against India and in Afghanistan. If India has to be persuaded to fall in with the grand design of China, Beijing has to amicably settle its border dispute with Delhi and make OBOR mutually advantageous.


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