HNLC chief evades arrest in B’desh

Rebels use fake names, marry locals

SHILLONG: The elusive commander-in-chief of HNLC Bobby Marwein evaded arrest after the border guarding force of the neighbouring country had hunted for him.
Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) had information about Bobby’s location and tried to arrest him but failed, the BSF IG of Meghalaya frontier P.K Dubey told a news conference on Friday.
He also said that the HNLC has only three temporary camps at Sherpur in the neighbouring country.
“Three insurgent groups have temporary camps in Bangladesh and the border guards there have launched operations to arrest senior rebel leaders”, Dubey said sharing information on the DG-level conference held recently in Dhaka.
The BSF IG said the rebel leaders live in Bangladesh with fake names and many of them are married. Also, they keep changing their location.
HNLC was formed after the split of the Hynniewtrep Achik Liberation Council, the first militant tribal outfit in Meghalaya, in 1992.
Besides HNLC which has three camps, ULFA has two and GNLA has one camp.
Dubey said none of the camps were permanent and only a few cadres of the three outfits are staying there.
He said the details of the insurgent groups hiding in Bangladesh were shared with Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB).
When asked about GNLA’s Sohan D. Shira, the BSF chief said, “He mostly takes shelter in the Chokpot area and well inside Indian territory.”
BGB has launched operations against the insurgent groups, including senior ULFA leader Drishti Rajkhowa.

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