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UDP vows to rescue KHADC from present mess

SHILLONG: The UDP on Sunday reiterated that the deadline given to KHADC CEM P.N Syiem was intended to know the various anomalies in the functioning of the District Council and that there was no hidden agenda.
The newly elected UDP MDC from Nongkrem, H.S Shylla, said on Sunday that it was       the KHADC CEM who had sought time till February 16 to explain the various points raised by UDP and the time was graciously granted.
According to Shylla, Syiem’s statement that only a section of the UDP MDCs are seeking clarifications on various anomalies in the Council shows that Syiem has already created a split among the six UDP MDCs.
Syiem had said on Saturday that while UDP is part of the BJP-led NEDA, the party is planning to forge an alliance with the Congress in the Council which, according to him, will affect the 2018 Assembly polls.
However, Shylla said the CEM should not worry about the 2018 Assembly polls as there is still time left for the same. “We will cross the bridge when we reach it. But we are confronted with serious issues right now. We have to rescue KHADC from the persons who have no sense of justice,” Shylla said.
According to Shylla, the CEM and Executive Member Neil Antonio War should be answerable to the professional tax scam in the KHADC, while EC secretary Welljune Syiemlieh was just an instrument.
“It is a shame that the inquiry report into the matter is yet to be made public,” Shylla said, adding that it would be ideal for the CEM and the EM to step down for the sake of justice.
The UDP general secretary, Jemino Mawthoh, who is pursuing the matter, was not available for comments.

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