APCC criticises Khandu for making statements against Congress

Itanagar: The Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) on Thursday criticised Chief Minister Pema Khandu for making statement against the Congress party in a public meeting at Tawang.
Khandu on Wednesday during a public meeting at Tawang accused the Congress of having high command culture and weak policies. The APCC while rejecting allegations made by Khandu against the party in a statement issued here said that the person having a legacy of a renowned Congress family in the state now blaming the Congress is really “unfortunate and indigestible”. “Criticising the Congress party is like blaming its own mother who kept the baby in womb for 9 months and more,” the statement said.
The party added that Khandu after joining the BJP was constantly blaming that Congress high command diktats in the affairs of the state government in its programmes and policies, as were not in tune with the Indian culture. “The Congress ask him is there no high command in BJP? If so, is BJP a regional party?” the party added.
“Congress ideology advocates for secular party system rising above all differences which endeared the party nationwide among the masses and it is a party of the people. “Those who have no party ideology, values and culture and have the habit of shifting their loyalty from one party to another every now and then should not talk much about party ideology, values and culture,” the statement said.
The APCC further cautioned the BJP not to allure the panchayat leaders to join their party who were elected from Congress and also asked the illegally defected Congress MLAs who have joined BJP that they have no right to blame Congress party in any manner.
“The Congress party though have no requisite number of MLAs in the state assembly, but will never let down the people who have voted them to the power and will remain constructive opposition in the assembly as we concern the development of the people first,” the statement added. (PTI)

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