Ichamati girl was drugged before the first abuse

Mamoni insisted not to ask the names of clients

SHILLONG: The agony of the Ichamati girl, who was sexually exploited by several men, both old and young, with the help of her guardians who she called Mummy and Papa is never-ending till all the accused are punished.
The 14-year-old girl told The Shillong Times that she is eagerly waiting justice to her and the family.
The girl, who is yet to come to terms with reality, revealed that for the first time she was trafficked, she was drugged by her guardians and friends before she was taken to Mawhati MLA Julius Dorphang.
“I do not remember the day. I was brought in a vehicle. While we were sitting in the tourist vehicle, Mummy (her guardian Mamoni Parveen) gave me juice in a bottle. Mona (Mona Lisa Shangpliang) also offered me juice. I did not know anything as after drinking the juice, which was laced with drinks, I was not in senses. Initially, they had a plan to take me to Damsite in Ri Bhoi as suggested by Mary (Tarisha Mary Kharbamon), but later they decided to take me to the Motinagar guest house. I was handed over to Julius. Mummy and Papa (Sandip Biswa) came in the morning to take me back. I was bleeding for the first time. I was taken to Assam for the next 15 days. The place was called Bilasipara where Mummy’s brother Saidul resided. Mummy gave me medicines after I was found profusely bleeding.”
The girl recalled that Mummy’s friend called ‘Jara’ had once told her that Julius was not a good man and that she was also abused by him.
“Jara also told me that Julius was earlier a terrorist. Now my life is in a shambles because of him and others, and all I want is justice,” the victim said.
The girl who passed Class III from Ramakrishna Mission School, Ichamati, could not pursue further studies as the family could not afford it.
“I am the third child in the family and my two elder brothers are in Tura working as drivers. There are three sisters younger to me, one is  studying in Class VIII, another in Class V and the third is a nursery student. My younger brother is also in Class V,” she said.
Mamoni had always insisted that the minor girl did not ask the names of the clients, but the girl asked their names which at least helped the police to track down several of the accused.
“Mummy always told me not to ask the names of these people. But still I asked their names from Mummy who sometimes revealed the names and many times, she was annoyed with me for asking the names and hence I do not remember several names of persons who abused me,” she said.
She, however, vividly remembers certain people who had abused her at the rented house of Mamoni at Demthring. One among them is an official with Indian Oil Corporation, Jowai, identified as Nirdesh Jain (Appu) and another was a professor of a city college, besides an army officer. Then there is an elderly person from Borsora who abused her in a hotel in Police Bazar and another Khasi person who abused her twice in a resort in Ri Bhoi which had a swimming pool. A teer counter manager of Happy Valley is also one among the perpetrators. What annoyed the little girl was that she was even abused at a scrap deal shop just opposite to Madanrting police station by its manager known as Saheb Ali. The shop was owned by Mummy’s stepfather, Hassan Ali. These accused are yet to be arrested.
“I do not understand how Mummy handed me over to her own manager?” the girl asked even as she added that if Mamoni and her husband were her real parents, they would not have pushed her to this extreme.
The anger of the girl is also against the house owner of Mamoni, identified as Wanlambok Khongsit (Jhandu).
According to the girl, Jhandu abused her in Mummy’s rented house at Demthring and yet again on two occasions at his Umpling house. “Jhandu took advantage of me. I told him several times not to do anything bad to me,” the girl said.
On another occasion at Marvelene’s guest house, she had pleaded with another tormentor Madan Bahadur Thapa to help her to be free from the clutches of Mummy. “But Madan told me not to meddle with Mamoni,” the girl said.
Madan, who abused the girl twice at Marvelene’s guest house, had surrendered before the police.
The girl narrated that Julius was violent in nature. “For the second time when I was abused somewhere in Ri Bhoi, he threw the water jug in the room, caught hold of my neck and slapped me,” the girl said.
Another MLA who refused
The girl recalled that Mummy’s friend Ria once told her that she would take her to another MLA. “Accordingly I was taken to the house of the MLA. There was a photo of Anukul Thakur in his room.
“He asked me the age. I said 13. Then he said he did not need me as he has no time. He did not do anything with me,” the girl added.

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