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When ‘Mummy’ and ‘Papa’ became villains and sold their ‘daughter’

The girl identifies Dorphang’s photo, narrates her ordeal

SHILLONG: She still calls them Mummy and Papa. But their “little daughter” is disgusted over the state of affairs she is in after she was raped by more than thirteen people after her Mummy and Papa along with other accomplices, Tarisha Mary Kharbamon and Mona Lisa Shangpliang, took her to varied guest houses, hotels and even used their own homes for flesh trade.
The 14-year-old girl from Ichamati, East Khasi Hills, who was sexually abused, trafficked and raped for more than a year is unhappy over their guardians becoming tormentors rather than her protectors.
The modus operandi of the traffickers was to transport the girl to clients in a vehicle at night. They picked her up the next morning. She did not get a chance to escape or inform the matter to the police as she was under surveillance. Mamoni’s husband Sandip Biswa would often drive the vehicle carrying the traffickers and the victim.
What irks the victim is that Mamoni Parveen assured the girl that she would be treated as her own daughter as she had only two sons and another assurance was that she would be educated by her in Shillong. The girl has studied till Class III.
The minor girl cannot comprehend the criminal act of her guardians whom she addressed as Mummy and Papa.
What annoys her now is also the denial of Julius Dorphang in the crime of rape. She wondered as to how Julius can deny his involvement in the crime as she reiterated that twice she was raped by Julius, once in a guest house at Motinagar and another somewhere in Ri Bhoi.
“I came to know that Julius denied his involvement in the crime through the media. How can he deny the atrocities committed by him on me,” she asked this reporter.
Julius had also termed that it was a political vendetta, but the girl has no interest in politics as her concern now is to ensure maximum punishment to the guilty.
The girl identified the photo of Julius and said, “It is him, Julius the ‘Minister’.”
It was an elderly woman Renu Bora from Ichamati who first met the girl at a tailor’s shop in her village and told her that she can go to Shillong to get a job. Renu contacted her daughter Ganga Chettri who is residing in Happy Valley to assist her.
Ganga sought the help of another elderly lady, identified as Sumitra Chettri, working at PHE at Madanrting to help the girl.
Subsequently, Sumitra introduced the minor girl to Mamoni hoping that she would take care of the child.
Sumitra told The Shillong Times that though she knew Mamoni, she had no inkling of what was going on. “The assurance given to me by Mamoni was that she would educate the girl and that she would be treated as part of the family,” Sumitra said.
Sumitra and Ganga are now shocked over the state of affairs the girl is in.
“It must be in December 2015 that I came to Demthring locality under Madanrting, to be under the custody of Mamoni whom I called Mummy and her husband as Papa. Mummy told me that since they do not have a girl child, she would treat me as their own child. She had only two sons one aged 18 and another 8 years,” the girl recalled.
She was gradually made a servant of the house and subsequently used for prostitution.     The girl was waiting for an opportune moment to escape from the tortured life.
While for the first time she was sexually exploited by Julius Dorphang in a guest house at Motinagar sometime last year when she was 13, the last time she was raped was at Marvelene’s Inn at Rilbong on December 15 night by the client Madan Bahadur Thapa. The next morning, the traffickers led by Mamoni brought her back to Demthring in a car.
The girl narrated how she escaped from the rented house of Mamoni at Demthring.
“After Mummy and Papa left for a meeting at Laitumkhrah, I decided to escape from there. I asked the neighbour, a Manipuri lady, to give me Rs 20 and I boarded a bus. I sat on the floor of the bus in a corner so that nobody, especially Mummy, would notice me when I was travelling. The bus conductor noticed me, but I told him to be silent with a forefinger on my lips. Then I got down at Civil Hospital junction and wanted to go to Barabazar to fetch a vehicle to Ichamati. I was bleeding. Then I saw two ladies from Ichamati whom I knew going to Laban Bazaar. They helped me to walk and took me to their house. Elder of the two talked to my mother over phone. My mother cried. My uncle’s wife told me not to come home now, but to go to the police station and report the matter. They booked a vehicle and took me to Laban police station. Then the police took me to Ganesh Das Hospital. Police later led me to the Rilbong guest house.”
The girl said that the strange thing she noticed was that Usha Deb Barman, the waiter of the guest house told the police that he did not know her.
“While the waiter was still denying, a call came from Rashmi (Mamoni) in his mobile instructing him (Bhaiti) not to reveal anything to the police. Police asked him to put on the loud speaker of his mobile. “Bhaiti, when anybody asks don’t tell that the girl and Madan were there” was the voice from the other side. This came handy for the police to make the first two arrests.
The girl did not get any money though she was exchanged for cash ranging from Rs 7,000, Rs 10,000, Rs 30,000 to Rs 60,000.
“As a child, I did not know what was going on and whatever happened was without my consent. In the FIR at Madanrting police station, I told everything to the police. In the police station, Mamoni asked me why I was telling a lie. She told the police that she did not know the waiter. Mamoni also told the police that the waiter was her boyfriend,” the girl recalled.
The girl questioned the double standards of Mamoni who promised her that she would be kept as her own daughter.
According to the girl, Mamoni never helped her even when she complained that Mamoni’s ‘friend’ Julius slapped her after he abused her the second time somewhere in Ri Bhoi.
“My father came to meet me in Shillong on December 23 last. Prior to this, he came to meet me once. He cried and told me that nothing would have happened to me if I was at home in Ichamati. Papa was unhappy over the current state of affairs,” the girl said.

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