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MLP: A reliable and capable force



Over the years, various governments and institutions have taken corrective steps for which they have been lauded for their potential to create positive impact while some have not been so popular. While criticising these various authorities it must be taken into consideration that it is not entirely possible to bring about a drastic improvement in the lives of people, whose characteristics and differentiation is as complex as ours. In fact, it is more than necessary for the people to give up their “victim mentality” and overcome their sense of entitlement and deservedness.

I have spent quite a number of years in few cities and metros across the country, and have witnessed much difference in as far as the attitude and behaviour of our workforce is concerned when compared to the rest of the country. One particular area that has captured my imagination over the years is the professionalism and relative efficiency and consistency of our police force, which has also earned much appreciation from the public at large, which was also expressed many a times through letters in your esteemed paper.

We have witnessed the MPSC notification on November 30, 2016, on stern and serious consequences for canvassing for jobs applied, which if implemented in true spirit will definitely go a long way in removing corruption and over-exploitation from all ends. My latest experience with our Police Force, with regards to the process and procedure of selecting new recruits, is definitely commendable. The way the Police Department has conducted the recruitment process, particularly the physical fitness, which I have personally witnessed, made me believe that the process is indeed foolproof and trustworthy. Seeing how our Police force has been able to make use of the technological advantage is worthy of appreciation. The way admit cards are issued on the spot, with all the censors and reading devices that monitor and screen each participants is exceptionally brilliant, noting that more than three detectors were fitted along the running track to make sure that every candidate should be detected by at least one device, not forgetting the fact that video recording was done to check the number of rounds being run. This, combined with the biometric records used in the process is something that other Department should emulate.

We are indeed thankful for the people who are willing to serve in our local, state and national governments, but I personally feel more indebted to this particular department. Even as, we pray that officials involved at the helm of affairs in every department of the government will seek righteousness and justice and that we will find them worthy of respect, we would feel more secure and safe, in the hands of these noble and capable policemen who join the force after a foolproof screening process.

Yours etc.,

JR Swer,

Via email

Bank staff overworked


This refers to the letter, “Banks should work on all seven days” by Madhu Aggrawal (ST- Dec 15, 2016). Here I would like to point out that by and large, a bank employee/officer never gets his due given the quantum of workload and financial risks when compared to his counterparts in any other public sector/central government department.  It is very easy for people outside the industry to pass comments or give suggestions. Bank staff are one of the most work-loaded and least corrupt work force. The government’s policies are aimed at weakening the basic structure of banks which have withstood the turbulent economic situation mainly due to the concept of nationalisation. It must be remembered that the bank employees are known for their contribution in building the Indian Economy. Bank officers carry on with the business continuously despite the presence of so many demotivating factors encountered in making credit decisions in order to keep the industry vibrating. The pulls and pressures on the officers working in branches and at the top management is a well known phenomenon.
Yours etc.,
Vinod C. Dixit
Ahmedabad – 15

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