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by-poll fact file

Nongkrem (20077 voters) : Edarstar Lyngdoh Nongbri (KHNAM), HS Shylla (UDP), Hubert Ford Riang (HSPDP), Lamborsing Nongrum (Congress) and Mamiry Nongkhlaw (BJP), the lone woman candidate.
Nongspung-Sohiong (24314 voters): Home Minister HDR Lyngdoh’s son Nathaniel Osbert Rymmai (INC), Samlin Malngiang (HSPDP), Kyntiewborlang Syiemlieh (BJP), Wankupar Syiemlieh (UDP) and  Pret Mawlong (Independent).
Laban-Mawprem (11268 voters): Allowis Dohtdong (Independent), Bankhrawsing Kharbuli (KHNAM), Banrikupar Wahlang (HSPDP), Frederick Joplang Lyngshiang (UDP), Hubert Marbaniang (BJP) and Ricky Shullai (NCP), Sanbor Shullai’s nephew.
Rambrai-Jyrngam (24581 voters): Kimfa Marbaniang (Congress), World Champion Paliar (HSPDP), Denestar Pariong (BJP) and Morningstar Tympuin (UDP).
Pariong-Mawthadraishan (32249 voters): Ionis Lyngdoh (Congress), Blandingstar Warjri (HSPDP), Thunder Warjri (BJP) and Pyndapbor Lyngdoh Marshillong (KHNAM) and Jambor War (UDP).
Mairang- Nongkhlaw (34055 voters) : Councellor Sing Wahlang (BJP), Alexander Kharsyntiew (HSPDP), Lambok Nongrang (Congress) and Equator Nongrang (UDP).
War East (6739 voters): Former JHADC chief
Lamdibok Sumer (Congress), Losing Lakuna
(Independent), Firstborn Manner (UDP) and
Smenlang Kyndait (BJP).

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