Timely justice delivery

This refers to your editorial “Judicial appointments” (ST- Nov 16). The emotional appeal made by Chief Justice T.S. Thakur in the presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has added a sense of poignancy and urgency to the issue. It is comprehensible that the respected Chief Justice of India has been waiting for speedy appointment of judges required for thwarting setbacks in justice delivery. Shortage  of judges may be one reason for pending of cases. Increase in the number of judges is long overdue. Successive governments have failed in this regard. The sense of frustration palpable in the appeal by the Chief Justice is entirely understandable. No doubt, a large number of pending cases is not only because of lack of judicial strength alone. There are number of other reasons including deliberate delay tactics adopted by a section of lawyers that hindered speedy trial process, especially in lower courts. It is not a one man’s show to put the judiciary on the right track. The executive and judiciary the two important pillars of the nation have to work collectively to address the problem of timely delivery of justice to the citizens.
Yours etc.,
Vinod C. Dixit
Ahmedabad – 15

Lessons from US elections


One of the greatest lessons that the global communities learnt from the recent US Presidential election is not the surprise election of the Republican Party nominated, non-political and real estate business tycoon Mr. Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States of America, but the complete failure of all major opinion and exit polls in giving a true reflection of the American voters in this election. Global communities may be shocked as how so many highly reputed and internationally known news agencies failed in providing a true reflection of the mentality and aspirations of the common voters of the US. While experts around the world have been providing more or less erudite, academic explanations for this failure (!) of the opinion and exit polls, the actual reason that lead to their debacle is very simple. The harsh but difficult to accept truth is that majority of the American voters fortunately or unfortunately (?) either held the truth or their real intentions or blatantly lied to the opinion and exit poll members regarding their real choice. It is politically incorrect to support Mr. Trump who was once marked as a non-progressive, racist, anti-establishment individual who has no respect for the great values of social justice for which the US has remained a corner stone nation and a champion of global social rights for centuries. Hence American voters were either afraid or too shy or embarrassed to share their actual feelings and intentions before the media, while they had complete support for the economic insecurities and related issues that have been haunting average Americans for the past few years and for which they have supported Mr. Trump for his promises to mend American life and future. How much the President Elect will be able to keep his grand promises made to the American public is certainly doubtful and only time can measure that; however, it is time for all of us to dump this exit and opinion polls around the globe since they have little or no value in predicting real life pictures. The millions of dollars that are being so generously and enthusiastically wasted in such useless polls need to be dumped into the global oceans once for all. The predominant reason for the success of Mr. Trump is not just due to the obnoxious hate speeches he made and polarised voters; but due to his uncanny ability to read the sense of deep economic insecurity in the mind and psyches of the average American citizen. We have always observed how nasty elections could be just by reflecting into election speeches of promising contestants in several developing and under developed nations; now the same ugly trend is being noted across the so called, democratic Western nations across Europe and most prominently the US. Giving speeches is one thing and facing the real challenges of running a nation is a completely different ball game. Huge challenges await the US President Elect and only time will tell what turns out of this historic US Presidential election that rocked the globe.

Yours etc.,

Saikat Kumar Basu

 AB Canada T1J 4B3

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