Resignations no threat to KHADC EC: Syiem

SHILLONG: KHADC chief PN Syiem has brushed aside any threat to the Executive Committee despite the resignation of three of its members.
Syiem on Friday accepted the resignations of three executive members PT Sawkmie, Jansing Tynsong and Lamphrang Blah.
The Council recently witnessed a political churning within when five Congress MDCs – Sawkmie, Tynsong, Blah, Manstudy Nongrem and Donevan Wanlang – withdrew their support to the ruling PDF coalition led by suspended Congress member Syiem.
At a press conference on Friday, Syiem downplayed probable threats to the coalition as he pointed out that there are 16 other members in the ruling PDF.
The KHADC CEM downplayed the allegations of Congress MDCs that it was due to corruption that they came out of PDF. “They are just finding an excuse as they wanted to leave,” he said.
Indicating the State government’s failed attempt to overthrow him, Syiem said, “It is interesting that in the history of the District Council and the state, where one is suspended and five have resigned. And in the case of dual posts, there was an intention to remove me. However, in the ensuing matter, seven MDCs had to resign. I have not committed any wrong and I stand on my principles, particularly on the issues of the state,” he said and added that he would not apologise to the party following his suspension.
On whether he would join any other party, Syiem said he would take a decision a few months before the Assembly elections in 2018 as he is currently suspended for three years. On floating a new party, he said, “As of now, PDF is a forum and not a ‘front’. I have no intention of floating a new team.”
However, the CEM hinted that some parties have approached him but did not divulge details.
On the resignation of the five MDCs, he said, “I accepted their resignations as EMs on October 28 and have sent it to the Commissioner and Secretary, District Council Affairs (DCA) department to enable the Governor to do the needful as per the Assam Meghalaya District Council Rules. Copies have also been sent to the Principal Secretary to the Governor.”
“With regard to the resignations of KHADC chairman Nongrem and deputy chairman Wanlang, the secretary of the KHADC sent their resignations to the Commissioner and Secretary on the same day, i.e. on October 26 and copies have been sent to the Deputy Secretary to the Governor with the request to appoint pro tem Chairman as per Rule 12 (1) of the Assam Meghalaya District Council Rules and to fix the date for the election as per Rule 32,” he added.   Syiem informed that a Special session will be convened after the date of election is fixed by the Governor who can also appoint pro tem chairman from among the MDCs and fix the election date. The pro tem Chairman will conduct the House.
According to him, the characteristics of a Chairman are efficiency, competency and seniority.
When asked about the vacant EM’s seat, he said, “Any member of the People’s Democratic Forum (PDF) can be made EM as it is my prerogative.”
The vacant seats in KHADC are those of HDR Lyngdoh (Nongspung-Sohiong), Sanbor Shullai (Laban-Mawprem), Ardent M. Basaiawmoit (Nongkrem), KP Pangniang (Rambrai-Jyrngam), Metbah Lyngdoh (Mairang-Nongkhlaw) and Brolding Nongsiej (Mawthadraishan).
Commenting on the Rs 2-crore scam, he said, “Let the inquiry be over. Copies of the report will be sent to all the MDCs after the report is submitted.”

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