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Directorate of Prosecution ‘at the earliest’

SHILLONG: The State government has assured the High Court of Meghalaya that it will make efforts to have a proper Directorate of Prosecution at the earliest.
This assurance was made by P. Niroop, additional advocate general, before the Court during the hearing on the pending PIL on the matter on Monday.
The addl. advocate general submitted that all the requisite tasks are being attended with all seriousness and “the government is committed to ensuring that a proper Directorate of Prosecution is in place and all the infrastructure requirements of the judiciary are met at the earliest”.
The Court, while taking note of the submissions made, deferred the matter for further hearing on November 8 expecting that further affidavits on progress should be filed before that.
The Court acknowledged that on September 23, the Joint Secretary, Home (Police), filed a statement pertaining to the status regarding setting up of the Directorate of Prosecution.
Another detailed affidavit has been filed by the Secretary, Law Department, on September 7 stating the steps taken on the matter related to complete separation of judiciary and the initiatives to provide infrastructure facilities.
“Prima facie, we are satisfied that all the concerned in the government seem to have now started attending at the requirements for establishment of Directorate of Prosecution, and also in providing proper infrastructure in the districts where separation of judiciary from the executive has taken place and effective separation of judiciary in the remaining districts,” the Court said.
However, the Court pointed out that from the affidavits, it was also clear that the task is required to be attended at with seriousness by departments and individuals concerned so as to ensure substantial progress and concrete results within the time frame indicated in the affidavits.

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