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Stop bulk recruitment into MCS/MPS


Apropos the news item in your paper, “State to knock on center’s door for civil service revamp”, (ST Sep 15, 2016) we would like to draw the attention of the Government and the M.P.S.C to the following points which we feel will go a long way in improving governance in the State and bring about transparency in the working of the public service commission.

In Meghalaya, the examination to various important posts such as the Meghalaya Civil Service, the Meghalaya Police Service among others is at present being conducted once in ten years. For instance the advertisement for the last MCS exam was published in 2006 for 72 posts. Ten years  hence no new advertisement has been notified for the MCS. The same is the case with the MPS 2015 batch of 34 officers who were inducted after a gap of eleven years. This method of a “Whole Sale Recruitment” once in a decade to such important posts is not a healthy trend as it not only deprives fresh and talented young minds from entering such services and contributing to nation building and good governance but it also results in mediocracy. Instead of the best  and the brightest entering these services, there is a huge intellectual gap by virtue of the large scale recruitment once in a decade only. Now imagine if the UPSC inducted at one go let’s say 600 IAS officers for five years instead of the current yearly induction of 180 IAS officers. The quality of the officers entering the service would come down drastically. Therefore we suggest that the State Government should conduct MCS,  MPS exams yearly or at least once in two years to whatever little vacancies are available as is being done in other states of the same size as ours and not to wait for such posts to accumulate to a large number before recruiting wholesale at one go. This is an unhealthy practice and has shown that it has adverse effects in the governance of the state especially at the grassroots level.We also request the new MPSC chairperson to be proactive by declaring the marks of candidates of various exams in the commission’s website and not wait for RTI applications before doing the same.

It is also seen that the time gap between advertisements and the conduct of examinations for various post is too long and sometimes extends to over three years. It would be good if the Commission could reduce this gap.Also if other public commissions such as that of Mizoram ,  Manipur , Assam and others can give tentative dates of exam at the time of giving out advertisements for various posts, why can’t the MPSC do the same? This would streamline its function and also help the candidates to have a rough idea of the examination dates and prepare accordingly.

Lastly we also suggest that there should be minimum qualifying marks in the exams to the said posts because it is seen that by virtue of the large intake some candidates scoring as low as 25 percent in the written exams come through. This perpetuates mediocracy which we are witnessing in the lackluster administration in our State.

We request the  Government and the MPSC to take note of the points mentioned above and work on them.

Yours etc.,

S Warjri, Wanlam Lyngdoh

Shillong – 1 

Three powerful words!



I had the privilege of witnessing the opening day function of the boxing championships organized by the Rilbong Sports Club at the Club premises yesterday where Olympian boxer Shiva Thapa, was the Chief Guest. A youth icon, his presence was a thrill for all especially the youth. The boxing fare presented was great as the little pugilists went at it with lot of stamina and zeal. There is good potential there.and we in Meghalaya can look forward to many Shivas in the days to come..

Shiva Thapa. handsome,boyish and with that slight amount of diffidence, which added to his charm, was invited to say a few words. He spoke from his heart saying he was half a Shillongite and spelling out for the youth present the path to success – hard work, persistence and a never say die attitude which has seen him where he is today.

But it was towards the end of his speech that he spoke those three words, almost casually. He said,  ” DON’T DO DRUGS” – just that – don’t do drugs. To me  and as I am sure to the large number of young fans present it was like a straight left, delivered only as a champion could, and  must have hit them equally effectively. I am sure the message delivered so simply and so sincerely, will be picked up by the youth. Thank you Shiva, may God bless you!

Yours etc.,

Anjan Datta ,

Via email

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