Impeach the Assembly


One does not have to graduate in rocket science to understand that the 60 MLAs in the state are only for themselves and nothing else. It is only a pretension that they are for the people. The selective topping of the roads through which these self-absorbed lot is visiting the temporary legislative assembly at Brookside Mansion to “celebrate the autumn session of the state assembly,” and having no resonance with the plight of the common people in the state is a real mockery of democracy. This shameless show is led by the chief minister who has recently got a breather after he was almost pulled down by his own party men but somehow managed to get a breather from the mother – son duo managed AICC (All India Congress Committee) at the national capital. The AICC must be replaced with SRCC – Sonia Rahul Congress Committee since ‘All India’ is a real misnomer. The opposition in the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly has no other business than going after the Speaker – who is accused of toeing the line of the ruling brigade. What does the opposition want? That the Speaker should revolt against the ruling side and take their side? The ruling side is so busy with “people centric governance” that they don’t have much time to spend inside the Assembly given the autumn assembly length. Just look at the city’s roads and those in Mawhati, Shillong – Guwahati Highway at Umsning, Jaintia Hills Highway connecting NC Hills, Garo Hills. These shameless bunch of legislators care two hoots and will come with their begging bowls as 2018 approaches. See the power scenario in the state. It is in the doldrums since even to supply uninterrupted power supply to the ongoing autumn session of the assembly, the MeECL has to shut down power supply in certain areas of the city and elsewhere so that the “tamasha” inside the assembly can continue.

People in the heart of the city have to depend on water carriers since the “palm greased” SMB / MUDA cannot ensure supply, whereas, the politicians are happy with passing the buck. The schools in the state are biting the dust and so are our teachers, who retire empty handed after years of service for want of policies and regulations by the State Government to determine their future. This is an utter show of sham going on inside the assembly and nothing can change if these sixty “peoples” (sic) aren’t shown the door out of the main secretariat. This is a disgraceful show which needs to be stopped. Impeach the assembly!

Yours etc,

PK Dwivedi

Shillong – 1

Rejoinder from DTO Shillong


Apropos the letter to the editor captioned, “Traffic Jams- Shillong’s woes” (ST September 9, 2016)  where one Salil Gewali has alleged certain anomalies and corrupt practices of dishonest transport officers, I would like to clarify to the general public and Salil Gewali in particular that this office is not issuing local taxi permits through the back door and that too at a whopping amount of Rs.2.65 lakh per permit. Issue of local taxi permits has been stopped with effect from 31srt March 2009 except in special cases, for example for people with disabilities and surrendered militants for rehabilitation. Even this is not done by this office alone but in a transparent manner through the Regional Transport Authority with the Deputy Commissioner as its Chairman and other members which includes the Superintendent of Police. Therefore, the question of issuing taxi permits by this office is an allegation which seeks to malign the image of the Department.

Secondly, for information of all, anybody who currently owns a local taxi permit can always approach this authority if he/she wishes to replace the existing old vehicle with the new one for the existing permit. For example if one is having an old ML05 series of vehicle, he/she can replace the same in the new vehicle registered in his/her name having the ML05P series but the number and year of the permit so issued remains the same and the old vehicle can be converted into a private car. This is a regular process and there is nothing illegal about it.

Further, if one desires to transfer the permit to another person he/she can do that either with the same vehicle or with a new one. If he/she wants to place the old permit with the new vehicle, the old vehicle is to be converted into a private vehicle as per procedure.

In conclusion, while the Constitution of India has given all citizens the Right to Freedom of Speech and Expression it may be worthwhile for an individual to seek clarification with the concerned authority before putting the blame on anyone. This office has put in great efforts to streamline the procedures in order to improve efficiency, transparency and ensure smooth functioning to benefit the public.

Yours etc.,

H.F Khongsit,

District Transport Officer &

Secretary,RegionalTransport Authority,

East Khasi Hills, Shillong

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