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H. Gordon Robert’s Hospital


It is very painful to learn from media reports that the state of health of the pioneering H. Gordon Robert’s Hospital, Jaïaw, Shillong, has further deteriorated due to a variety of causes including mismanagement by the authorities concerned. This is not the first time that this reputed hospital is beset with one problem after another. But the inherent problem seems to be centered round poor streamlining of human resources, administration and inefficient financial management. Efficient Hospital Management depends on the expertise, commitment and dedication of the management and the hospital staff. It is good news that the Khasi Jaintia Presbyterian Assembly has thoroughly discussed how to overhaul the Hospital by entrusting overall management of the Hospital in the hands of an “expert” Managing Committee. Moreover, it is a wise decision to set up an “Expert Committee” of doctors to probe into the various causes of ill health of the hospital, including huge internal debts, low bed occupancy and man power deployment. People of the state hope that the Managing Committee knows its assigned job and that the Expert Committee knows how to diagnose the root cause of the infirmities of the hospital, and would recommend the right remedy for revival of the hospital. We hope that this time, this reputed hospital, famous for services rendered to local poor and marginalised sections of the society, will no longer be paralysed by poor administration. Handing it over to some private players in the health sector would mean commercialization of healthcare of this pioneering missionary institution and the poor of Meghalaya, especially the local rural poor, will not be spared by the private healthcare sharks.

Yours etc.,

Philip Marweiñ,



Speed breakers must be painted!


This morning while travelling to work I witnessed something painful which I feel could have been prevented. I was driving on the Lawmali road near what is called the Meter Factory. I saw a scooty being driven by a man with a boy around 12-13 years sitting behind, skid and they both crashed on the road. We stopped to help them; the boy had scratches on his hands, his feet and the man too. We came to know that accidents on this road are frequent as there are speed breakers without the white line over them. The scooty too saw the speed breaker at the last moment and just jumped and maybe the man applied the brakes and this is when both of them came crashing down. I think it is mandatory for speed breakers to be painted with alternate black and white bands to give visual warning. Most of the speed breakers in Meghalaya are not painted. Who is responsible for the accidents that happen due to the missing white lines over the speed breakers? Shouldn’t PWD make it mandatory for all the speed breakers to be painted?

Yours etc.,

Teddy Kharpuri,

Via email


Dolois have no place in modern Meghalaya


The association of nontribal transporters Jaintia Hills express its appreciation at the bold and courageous leader of Jaintia Hills District Council, Chief Executive Member, Mr. Thombor Shiwat. We thank our leaders Messrs Rai and Bansal for taking us to the Chairman JHADC Mr Blah to solve our problem. After meeting them we the transporters feel that Jaintia Hills is the only safe place for us to do business as we have courageous leaders like Mr Shiwat. who thinks for the whole India and not for the Dolois only. In a globalized world the Dolois are not relevant anymore. If they are allowed to interfere in Jaintia Hills, the district will not develop. Jaintia Hills is very rich in minerals and forest. A lot of development is coming from these resources. The Jaintia Hills District Council as a responsible body rules all with same law and does not discriminate between tribal and nontribal. We need a leader like the Jaintia Hills CEM in the State of Meghalaya. We also thank the MDCs we have met to discuss our problems. They have promised to punish the Doloi for disturbing the non-tribal transporters. We thank all the MDCs supported us in the Meeting of the District Council MDCs on Aug 23, 2016.

Yours etc.,

Pinaki Chaudhary Beltola

Chariali Guwahati & Suresh Rai, TS Singh,


Auction of oxen


In today’s edition of your esteemed daily, there are three advertisements on page 4 announcing the auction of 1 no, 5 nos, and 6 nos respectively of oxen. These three large advertisements are same in all respects except for the timing of the auction at 9.30, 10.30 and 11.00 hours, Letters to the Editor must have the full name, address and contact number of the writer, even if they are sent by email. Only letters with the requisite details will be published. respectively. Is there any logic behind having three separate advertisements. And is this not a clear case of sheer wastage of public money? A regular reader of The Shillong Times will vouch that today’s incidence is not unique but that it is a regular phenomenon.

Yours etc.,

Dr. T. Kakoty

Shillong -14

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