A sell-out!


I am shocked to learn that the state government is in the process of transferring a piece of land measuring about 6000 sq. ft. at Lachumierre, Shillong for the purpose of construction of the Community Hall for the Lachummiere dorbar and the irony is that the local MLA instead of protecting the properties and interests of the state government is pressing hard to sell off the said land. May I inform the readers that there are about 45 government offices that have applied for land in Shillong for construction of their office buildings. As of now the State Government has been spending crores of money in paying house rent for hiring buildings for those same offices. Suitable multi- storied buildings should have been constructed on the said plot of land to accommodate those offices which do not have their own buildings. I would request Revenue Department not to approve the above proposal otherwise it would be foolish on the part of the Government of Meghalaya to part with a precious piece of land at a prime location. It would also be foolish to provide land to a group that will construct a durbar hall where people will converge and make all possible means or conspire to undermine the authority of the state government. I know for sure that the majority of the residents of Lachumierre, especially the headman are crore-patis, There is no problem for them to buy land and have their beautiful community hall there.

Yours etc.,

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B R Wanshong



Terrorism of a different kind!


During the past 2-3 months I have travelled often to and from Shillong and Sohra. It was a pleasant surprise to see the water in Umiew river, flowing through Umtyngngar and downstream feeding the Mawphlang water supply reservoir (GSWSS) to be clear, clean and green and in sharp contrast to the usual muddy. murky and dirty water that we used to see many months before. On enquiry I was told that sand mining along the course of the river has been stopped and I could see with my own eyes that all such activities have ceased. Wanting to relax, I went on a fishing trip to Wah Umiew on Aug 8, 2016, at a location upstream of Umtyngngar near Laitlyngkot where there is a Steel Purlin bridge over the river Umiew linking Laitlyngkot to Smit/ Nongkrem. I was truly shocked to see that someone has already made an ordinary enclosure with planks near the P.W.D. bridge on a slope just about 15 to 20 feet above the river bank to be used as a garbage dumping ground. Garbage of all sorts was found to have already been dumped in the place with plenty of stray dogs around. It is obvious that the dirt and seepage would flow directly into the river which feeds the Greater Shillong Water Supply Scheme(come rain or no rain). It is high time that the District Administration the PHE dept and the Police department urgently enquire and investigate into this matter as the vested interests involved in starting this garbage dumping ground are aimed at harming the lives of lakhs of human beings in Greater Shillong, wholly dependent on the water supply from this river, by contaminating and poisoning the water of the river. The perpetrators of this act have to be mercilessly dealt with and adequately punished as their action is nothing short of Terrorism. The role of the Sand mining Mafia in this regard has to be thoroughly examined and vigil along the river starting from Smit, Nongkrem has to be continuously maintained to check the activities of the unscrupulous elements.

Yours etc.,

KS Diengdoh

Shillong – 6

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