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Time to separate judiciary from executive


With reference to your front page news item, ‘HC unhappy over delay in separation of judiciary’ (ST July 13 ,2016) I express my happiness over the High Court’s taking up the PIL and sending strong signals to make judiciary independent from the executive in the East Jaintia Hills District. As litigants our only hope lies in the higher judiciary to make the separation of judiciary from executive a reality. The separation will create a conducive atmosphere and make the justice delivery system effective. It would also ensure access to equal opportunities and justice and will facilitate expeditious administration of justice to the people. As of now the people of East Jaintia Hills do not enjoy the benefit of independent judiciary. The ADM (Judicial) to whom administration of justice has been entrusted is primarily engaged with other duties relating to law and order and administration whereas judicial work is not given priority causing immense suffering to the litigants who have to wait endlessly to get orders into their hands . It has been well said by Lord Acton, “Power corrupts and absolute power tends to corrupt absolutely.” Concentating powers in a single body leads to absolutism.

Yours etc.,

Dr. K Phawa

East Jaintia Hills


Noise pollution is a crime!


As civilized people living in the 21st century, we try very hard to appear modern in our behavior, conversation and our dealings with people. Modern society has brought us laws and their corresponding disciplinary actions in the event that they are violated. One such law is the one that deals with pollution of the air, water or the destruction of environment through mining and so on. So we have the Motor Vehicle Act, the Mining Act and the Water Pollution Act. But I believe that it is high time for us – as ‘modem’ people to have one more Act passed in Parliament and that is the law that strictly prohibits ‘Noise Pollution.’ I have observed and have also been a victim of the crassness of people who in their attempt to appear ‘modem’ and ‘western’ violate every code of conduct that actually makes one a civilized human being. Marriages, birthday celebrations and revelries of various kinds result in noise pollution emanating out of music systems that generate high decibel noise. Such callous and primitive display of insensitivity often continues into the wee hours of the morning. And then there are those who, not satisfied with just keeping the members of their locality awake the whole night, go about town with such earnestness to wake the members of other localities as well by travelling around in their ‘music-system-onfour- wheels’ blasting away loud and cacophonous sounds the whole night long. These barbaric acts must be dealt with a vengeance because they are a direct invasion of people’s privacy and a violation of their right to a peaceful life devoid of unwanted stress. Such acts also play havoc on the lives of students who prefer to study in the quiet of the night and prepare for their various academic exercises. What bothers me is that the concerned authorities are completely ignorant of or oblivious to such arrogant acts of defiance. There is an order passed with regards to this dated 18.7.2005 by the Supreme Court of India vide C.A.N0.3735 of 2005 (arising out of SPL (C) NO.21851 12003) Forum, Prevention of Environment of Sound Pollution- versus – Union of India and other relevant laws as well which pertains to the use of PA Systems and the playing of musical instruments in public places beyond a certain decibel and time of day. It is high time that the authorities wake up and enforce this law in letter and spirit and save us from these acts of vandalism and hooliganism.

Yours etc.,

Phrangsngi Majaw

Shillong -1

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