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Giving credit where due


Apropos, the news item, ‘Shillong College: 60 years of service to students,’ (ST July 15, 2016),  I was very happy to see the article because I was among the first batch of students in that college. However, I wish to point out that your report did not highlight the name of Late Mr. P. N. Chaudhuri among the Committee Members. Mr. Chaudhuri’s contributions to the initial development of the college should not go unrecognised and deserves to be mentioned.  Incidentally,  I had shifted from Lady Keane College to the newly opened Shillong College because of persistent advocacy of Late Chaudhuri. Such was the level of commitment and dedication of founder members like him.

Yours etc., 
Ivy Endow,

Betrayal of public trust


The public should know the antecedents of a person before voting him to  “power”. Normally when one holds a position of power, the person usually tramples on his inner values. This is evident in our political leaders in India. The best example before us is the Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal who climbed the ladder of success on the strength of his holier than thou attitude. He seemed to be a man of principles who would not compromise on any unlawful activities. Corruption was what he vehemently condemned and promised to weed out if he came to power.

Kejriwal blasted all those leaders who were corrupt and looted the nation. His activities had certainly given sleepless nights to many a leading politician in this country. The public too were glad to have a leader who identified with them, went around in an auto-rickshaw and spoke the language of austerity. He asserted that he would stop at nothing for the sake of the country. He convinced the public that he would leave no stone unturned to improve the living status of the underprivileged.  This is how the AAP Chief became the darling of the masses.

A disillusioned populace tends to hang at a straw; they believe they are electing a leader with high ethical values. They want leaders who would genuinely work for the country and also can deal a mighty blow to those who are involved in corruption. Sadly, now we see just the opposite. After a few months of nautanki  Kejriwal wilfully raised the salary of the MLAs by a whopping 400%, besides considerable hike in a perks. Does this not go against his stated objectives? Is it not a total betrayal of the public trust?  The Chief Minister of New Delhi never hesitated before hugging the notorious Lalu Yadav who was involved in the fodder scam. Is it not an unethical U-turn? Well, Sheila Dixit’s misdeeds are clearly  erased from his memory now. He virtually made a clean break from the campaign against the Congress’s misrules and its immeasurable corruption.

What’s more he even lost his sanity the other day when his principal secretary and other officers were arrested, allegedly on charges of bribing and misuse of official powers. What’s even more dangerous is Kejriwal’s propensity to favour a section of NGOs/student bodies whose hysterics threaten the integrity of the nation. He speaks with a forked tongue if that could ensure political dividends for his party. Adding fuel to fire is his forte. So how did this self declared upright person and former RTI activist now turn into a self-centred villain after attaining power?

Yours etc.,

Salil Gewali, 

Shillong- 2

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