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Sohra Marathon


After missing out on the first two editions of the Sohra Cherrapunjee Marathon due to my absence from Shillong, I consider myself fortunate to have been part of the 3rd one. The buses started the pickups from various locations in Shillong at 4 am. The Late Lateef that I am, I arrived at 5 am to accord myself a trip in the last pickup bus. Phew! It was a bumpy ride to the race location as the driver seemed to be in a lot of haste. As some of my copassengers commented, “The driver is more excited than we are!” We reached quite early, courtesy the excited driver and had about an hour to resurrect ourselves for the run. The runners changed into athletic outfits, refreshed themselves with beverages and snacks, and not to forget indulged in the pioneered habit of our generation, “clicked memorable selfies!” It was a memorable two hours I spent “running with the clouds”. With each passing lap, the Rain Gods kept getting fiercer, but that only increased my momentum and pushed me to run faster. I acknowledge the fact that the volunteers not only refueled us time and again with water, but also continually motivated us, “Cmon you can do it”. “Yes, Yes, Go Go, Run Run!” I just cannot get over the moment I came across the Finish Line at a distance. Pure happiness, it signified. It was a moment I’m going to cherish all my life. On hindsight I’d like to encourage the organisers to be more prudent with baggage custody, awarding of medals and systematic arrangements. Communication with various people made me aware that many have traveled from distant cities to relish this event and I’m sure with improvement in these areas, the Sohra Cherrapunjee Marathon can become a very renowned annual event across the nation. Thanks, organisers for granting us the “Abode of running in the Clouds” Cheers!

Yours etc.,

Karan Sharma,

Via email

When governors play politics

Editor, The turncoat and his new masters nearly pulled it off. Arunachal Pradesh is a border state with a hostile greedy neighbour. It doesn’t need such misadventures and elected governments mustn’t be destabilised. Such brazen attempts at inorganic growth of a party that professes the heavens have come a cropper. The social media was overflowing with salivating followers and their foul mouths. Luckily we have a Supreme Court that delivers justice despite all odds. The castigation of such an upright bureaucrat turned unsuspecting bumbling Governor who was led up the garden path was inevitable. Many a governor have erred so in the past seven decades and let this be the last.

Yours etc.,

SP Deb,

Via email

Irrational parking in RR Colony

Editor, The RR Colony is no longer a quiet residential area. It has become a thoroughfare for vehicles driving towards Umpling which has a huge population and beyond towards NEIGRIHMS. The tourist traffic is very high throughout the day yet Traffic Police personnel are only seen on the main Rynjah market area. Beyond that people are left to their elements. In the RR Colony area vehicles, including taxis are parked on both sides of the road leaving very little space for oncoming and outgoing vehicles to negotiate. The car drivers who park there know that what they are doing is wrong but cock a snook at the system and continue breaking the law. The writing on the wall, “No Parking, Fine Rs 500” is never enforced. The situation is such that any day a major accident might happen considering that the big STPS buses ply up and down this road on their way to and from Umpling. Are we waiting for a disaster to happen? If not why is then why is Traffic Police turning a blind eye to this area? But Rynjah is not the only casualty. The whole length of road from Nongthymmai to Pohkseh – Rynjah – Umpling, especially opposite the Children’s Hospital (Pohkseh) has become a parking lot for taxis and private vehicles, leaving very little or no space for pedestrians and for passing vehicles. Once in a while the Traffic Police takes action but in the next two days it is back to business as usual. We Indians are congenital law breakers hence we needed to be dealt with more strictly. I request the Traffic Police to empower citizens to take action when they come across a situation where parking laws are violated. I am saying this because Traffic Police seem to have their hands full. Yours etc.,

GR Lyngdoh,

Via email

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