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With reference to the front page news item “Questions raised over `exorbitant’ fee charge at Tura Civil Hospital” in your newspaper (ST June 06, 2016), I would like to draw the attention of the Achik Youth Council (AYC) organization and also inform the general public that processing fee for blood is charged from the replacement donors at the prescribed rate given by the National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO) Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, dated 6th January, 2006 which is Rs. 250 (Rupees two hundred and fifty) only per unit for patient in General Ward and Rs. 500 (Rupees five hundred) only for patients in Private Ward and Private Hospitals.  While the same is free for Thalassemia & Haemophilia patients and BPL patients.

It is to be noted that before blood transfusion, the test performed is not a “single cross matching” (as stated) but mandatory tests for Haemoglobin, Grouping and Cross matching, Transfusion Transmitted Diseases which are Malaria, STD, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV have to be done to provide safe blood transfusion to the patients, for which different reagent kits are required. The reagent kits are not only expensive but are done in both SPOT and ELISA. These reagent kits and the blood bags are purchased by the Hospital Management Society and are not supplied by the Government. Though the cost is high, the fee charged is subsidized as per the guidelines of Government of India. So, the “exorbitant” fee as stated by the organistaion is unfounded.

While establishing the Blood Bank, the equipments are supplied by NACO, New Delhi and the services are provided by the hospital by taking nominal service charge as recommended by NACO. So the revocation of the fee as demanded by the organization can be done only by NACO, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, New Delhi. It is also to be noted that processing fee is not charged from voluntary donors.

It needs to be highlighted that Blood Banks can store blood when voluntary donors donate blood. But sadly in Garo Hills there are few voluntary donors, except BSF, Police, CRPF personnel and few individuals who donate blood voluntarily, and keep the only Blood Bank in Garo Hills region active. In fact when blood transfusion is required for any patient, the relatives often refuse to replace blood but try to purchase blood from professional donors at exorbitant rates.

It would be worthwhile if the concerned organization and more people come forward to donate blood voluntarily to save lives of the needy patients for a noble cause.

Yours etc.,

Dr Minakshi A. Sangma,

Superintendent ,

Tura Civil Hospital,



Galleria, Gold woes


Through your daily, I would like to express my disappointment while checking out the movies presently running at Galleria and Gold cinema in Shillong Through the past week till today, the same and only movie, “Sultan” has been showing in both cinemas. I had wanted to take my family especially the children out for other movies, but have been thoroughly let down by both theatres. I request managers/owners of such theatres to not only take their profit criteria and the majority demand into consideration but should also see that other movies showing in different parts of the globe are also given due space in their halls. Theatres in this time and age should cater to a wide spectrum of viewers; hence more genres catering to varied age groups with different choices are also to be given due respect . I hope this appeal is duly considered as I am looking forward to take my family out this week for other movies but “Sultan”.

Yours etc.,



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