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Appoint teachers on merit


We the Meghalaya elementary Pre-Service trained Teachers Associations Tura Unit(MEPSTTA) have the honour to inform and request you to publish the following information. After filing the RTI in three SDSEOs in Garo Hills we have found that 156 teachers have been appointed during 2014-16 under contractual basis, out of which 56 posts are occupied by untrained candidates, i.e.  10 candidates in Tura, 11 candidates in Ampati and 35 candidates in Dadenggre SDSEOs. As per The NCTE Norms such appointments are unacceptable. The Director of School Education and Literacy Department has already directed all the SDSEOs to follow the NCTE Norms which took effect from 23rd Aug 2010. To ensure quality education in the state the Govt has discontinued the in-service teacher training course and launched the pre-service teacher training course in D. El. Ed. for 2 years from 2013. It is almost 3 years after the completion of training yet the Govt has not taken any steps to conduct any fresh recruitment to fill up the vacant posts which are lying in various Govt L.P. Schools. So if the same continues the Govt should give direct permanent appointment to all trained teachers according to their batch or merit if they have completed 2 (two) years Pre-service teacher training course in various District Institutes of Education and Training(D.I.E.T).

We, the Elementary –Pre-Service Trained Teachers Association, are also dissatisfied with the procedure of appointment of contractual teachers for Govt L.P schools undertaken by the Education Department. The appointment of teachers under contractual basis is to avoid the disruption of classes caused by absence of adequate teachers. But if there is more than one applicant for the vacant post then what is the reason for not conducting any interview and giving the proposal letters in favour of all the candidates instead of the selected qualified candidate? The same thing is happening in the Directorate of School Education and literacy Department wherein the interviews are not conducted and the appointments are given as per their own will instead of selecting and appointing the qualified candidates.

                        Therefore, we urge all the SDSEOs of Garo Hills whether they are permanent or on contractual appointment that in case there is more than one applicant for a post then they should conduct interviews and give only one proposal letter of appointment to the selected candidate according to merit.

   Yours etc.,

Browning A Sangma                                                                        Mr. Tengrang R Sangm

President                                                                                                     Secretary

 MEPSTTA, Tura Unit.                                                                                 MEPSTTA, Tura Unit.

Skill development for whom?


It is very disheartening and disappointing to note that a group of educated and qualified youngsters who had undergone their skill development training mentored  by a private skill development company  in Haryana recently had to come back empty handed after being harassed and denied placement. The irony is that they had approached the State Employment Exchange and the Director in-charge to intervene on their behalf but all they got were empty promises. How will parents or youth trust the system which has let them down ? Is the Chief Minister himself aware of their plight or is he only good in preaching ‘ empty skills’ without jobs? Why should not those officers responsible for the fiasco be held responsible and accountable for playing with the future of young people? Or do they want them to take to the path of extremism? The Opposition should take note and raise this matter and push the Government to take the matter to its logical conclusion.

Yours etc…
Dominic S. Wankhar

Football is a team game  


In the shocking defeat of Argentina by Peru at the 2016 COPA has raised many unanswered questions related to international football with particular reference to Latin America. First it has once again established the fact that football is a team game and the individual charisma of a megastar is not good enough for victory against tough challenges by a formidable opponent. Secondly, the two jewels in the crown of Latin American vis-à-visworld football, Brazil and Argentina are only shadows of their former selves in strength, skills, charisma, penetrative power and team coordination. Both are loaded with average players too feeble to compete at the tough international competitions. Thirdly, it is time to welcome new emergent powers in world football like Chile, Colombia and others with full sincerity and appreciation as they deserve their hard earned top positions. Fourthly, Messi has taken the right decision to retire from international football as he consistently failed to deliver anything big for Argentina and should focus only on club football, although he is likely to change his decision later. Fifth, it is a humble reminder for over assertive Messi fans to learn to respect all-time greats like Pele and Maradona for their monumental contributions towards their national teams; and not an empty handed super star who earns billions of dollars with zero international success for his country. Lastly, Pele and Maradona became all-time greats not just for their individual super skills and talents but for the support extended by outstanding team members who are equally members of the Hall of Fame of international football which currently both  Argentina and Brazil pathetically lack.

Yours etc.,

Saikat Kumar Basu

Lethbridge AB Canada

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