Evils of benami transaction


The news report, ‘Benami transactions in MUDA complex’ (ST April 29, 2016) is a shocker. That 77 out of nearly 120 stalls (64%) are involved in benami business while unemployment amongst local tribals is rising by the day is appalling. Hypothetically if 77 stalls are doing benami business of even Rs 5000 a day it works out to Rs 12 crore of business per annum which is inclusive of a profit margin of at times more than 100%. That works out to Rs 1.56 crore worth of income tax evaded annually. And this is a very conservative estimate. A percentage of taxes collected by the Centre is ploughed back to the State for developmental and other welfare schemes.

It is a shame that we local tribals selling the names we have inherited from our ancestors. This allows non-tribals to do business with impunity as they hide behind the garb of managers or employees. It is heartening that the Urban Affairs Minister has assured that steps would be taken to free the complex from benami business. The Minister informs that a Committee was formed 18 months ago and a full report was submitted and subsequent action taken.

But the Minister would agree that the situation in MUDA complex has not changed and benami business is carrying on unabated. If the Minister is serious she should, herself do a surprise check to find out exactly how her officers are duping her. Eliminating benami business is no easy task and if the Minister means business then she must evolve ways to involve authorities like the Income Tax, Sales Tax, Labour Departments etc., The absence of books of accounts, business and bank account statements of stall owners who sub-let their allotted spaces to benami businessmen will reveal and prove the massive extent of benami transactions. Needless to say the quantum of benami business in MUDA complex merits CBI investigation as the entire complex has been funded and constructed by Ministry of Urban Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, Govt of India. The Meghalaya High Court might like to take suomoto cognisance of this malfeasance that goes on right under the nose of MUDA officials.

Yours etc.,

Bekstar Tariang,


Police deserve appreciation


The swift action taken by Umroi Police Station under Ms Sangma recently led to the arrest of three persons within two hours. The three had trespassed into a farm land, at Umsohpieng Ri Bhoi, killing ducks etc. If not for the timely action of Umroi Police Station the goons would have continued their vandalism in the area. We hope that the Umroi Police would also contain other unlawful activities so as to make the area free from unwanted elements.

Yours etc.,

PM Syiem, Via email


Politics not militarisation


The sudden move by the ITBP to shift out of Shillong to the state of Arunachal Pradesh is a tactical and strategic approach considering that it is a specialized force trained for high altitude warfare and specially created for the Indo-China border. Recently the statements of a student leader (or perhaps a political leader) that the Eastern Air Command and other defence centres should also move out is immature and reeks of ethnocentrism. It is because of such defence establishments that entire country, nay the world knows and takes notice of our State and is the reason for the strategic importance of Shillong. If not for defence establishments Shillong would have lost most of its green cover. The presence of defence establishments also assures us of their readiness to assist in times of calamity and disaster or when terrorists strike which, God forbid, should not happen. Their contribution goes unnoticed but they have done a lot of commendable things in the rural areas which the student leader or his members have not seen or have no knowledge of. If they too could contribute in noble ways for the well-being of the state it would be worth mentioning rather than engaging in piecemeal political games and emotional blackmail.

Yours etc….

Dominic S. Wankhar



People need relief assistance!


Nature has shown its face of fury in Meghalaya and many families have been affected. Cyclones, hailstorms, fires, lightning, etc have joined hands and left destruction all over. But, I wonder, what the Meghalaya Government has done in order to provide timely assistance and relief to the affected people. As far as my knowledge goes no help has been given to these families. Hence the following questions for the people in Government especially the CM.( 1) Is there no emergency relief funds that can be provided to the affected families? (2) Is the CM so busy campaigning that he has forgotten to help needy families? (3) Is the CM only funding unproductive events? (4) What has the CM done to get Central Govt assistance for disaster relief ? (5) Why do the common people have to undergo numerous procedures to avail help when it could be done in the least possibl;e time? These are questions that need to be answered by the Head of the State.

Yours etc.,

Joannes JTL Lamare,

Via email

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