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MPYC protests against rocketing fuel prices

Raises concern over rampant deforestation and smuggling in GH

TURA: The Meghalaya Pradesh Youth Congress organized a protest on March 18 in-front of Congress Bhawan, Tura to highlight the continuously increasing fuel prices by the Modi led Government. The protest was led by MPYC President Richard Marak, Tura LYC President Allan Sylvester R Marak, Tura LYC Secretary, Anamika J G Momin, Tura LYC Secretary and MDC Stevie M Marak. About 100 Youth Congress members, commercial vehicle workers and others joined the protest.
“This protest is for the common people, the poor and middle class people as they will suffer the most with the petrol-diesel price hike. We want PM Modi to roll back the price with immediate effect,” Richard Marak said.
“How can the govt. promote ‘Make in India’ and the Prime Minister spend all the public money on foreign tours and then turn around and snatch the money from the common people to fund it all. This is an injustice,” Anamika J G Momin said.
Meanwhile, in a press statement issued by the Meghalaya Pradesh Youth Congress (MPYC) on Friday, concern was raised against unchecked timber smuggling in Garo Hills, more so under the regime of NPP forming the Executive Committee in GHADC.
“The authority has turned a blind eye towards this issue and Transit Permits have also been issued for 5-6 days”, the release stated.
It also said that the regime of Congress led Executive Committee in GHADC seldom witnessed such wanton destruction of forests. Even the Nokrek Biosphere Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage site has not been spared.
“The State Forest department is blaming the State Govt. for unnecessary reasons”, said the release.
MPYC stated that unless the concerned department takes cognizance of the matter, the destruction of forests and timber smuggling cannot be controlled in the near future. Concern was also raised on the issue of Garo Hills facing scarcity of potable water.
MPYC appealed to the people of Garo Hills to participate and campaign against rampant deforestation for better future.

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