Give women their due!

Editor, This has reference to your editorial “International Women’s Day” (ST March 8, 2016). Every year we celebrate International Women’s Day” but crime against women seem to be increasing at an alarming rate. Crime is endemic to the human condition, but a crime specifically directed at one sex is most despicable and unfortunately, the one that is punished least. It is found that media exposure and all the legislations have had little impact. Legislation introduced by the government is often merely tokenism. One would find that the problem before the majority of women in our country is not equality but survival. The patiparmeshwar has rudely and gradually been brought down to earth. The scenario for women seems grim indeed and this will continue so long as the basic social and economic structures remain unchanged and the implementing and law and order agencies show indifference. The thinking of society has to change and parents must value their daughters on a par with their sons and should give them the same advantages and means of independence. I would like to point out that while laws alone cannot put an end to evils that are endemic in the social structure, the government can at least make some attempt to take it s own enactments seriously.

Yours etc.,

Vinod C. Dixit

Ahmedabad – 15

Purno’s sunny smile


The Mother said, “Happiness is as contagious as gloom- and nothing can be more useful than to pass on to people the contagion of a true and deep happiness”. The front page photograph of Purno A. Sangma (ST, March 7, 2016) bears the testimony of it. His innocent, sweet and sunny smile has a signature of a true and deep happiness. We need to remember this 24×7 and practice the art of broadcasting happiness through such divine smile.

Yours etc.,

Sujit De,


Women’s status still pathetic!


Since India is a land of rhetoric, there is no dearth of “patriots” who zealously proclaim that Indians are the only people who refer to their country as ‘Mata’; thereby trying to assert that the fairer sex gets religiously honoured and respected as mothers in India! But the reality is otherwise. Female foeticide as well as infanticide, molestation, rape, “honour” killings, murder for dowry and witch-hunting continue to plague the female population of this society. And also there exist many silent killers in the form of wifebeating, marital rape, deprivation of proper nutrition and education and imposition of number of restrictions within the family in the name of “tradition” and “religion”. Barring few individuals, innumerable women are in no position to protest or retaliate. And the greatest shock and tragedy lies in the fact as many as 53 percent of educated Indian girls between the ages of 15 and 19 feel that husbands are “justified” in beating up their wives( according to the UNICEF’s “Global Report card on adolescents 2012)! While it remains the urgent duty of the male to do away with their chauvinistic mindset, women should also try to enlighten their souls and minds. Drinking and partying at bars and nightclubs, sporting “bold” attire and acting in sexually explicit films are not harbingers of “modernity”, “progress” or “women rights”. Only when women learn to respect themselves, demand equal rights in the family and society as entitled to men-folk and refuse to get exploited by the society as a mere “commodity” or objects of lust; can it be expected that women would at last find their rightful place under the Indian sky. The “nationalist” Indians should remember that the Scandinavian countries, Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK and Western Europe do not “worship” their respective nations as a female deity; yet the women of those societies tread the path of life with heads held high. It is high time India accords its women population their entitled honour, right, respect and dignity. Else, we would be left with no other option but merely to play to the gallery by invoking the hyperbole of ‘Bharat Mata’ and showering rhetoric on the occasion of “International Women’s Day”!

Yours etc.,

Kajal Chatterjee,

Via email

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