Swacch Bharat; By all, For all!

Editor, ‘Swacch Bharat ka irada kar liya humne, desh se ab ye vaada kar liya humne’; these are the famous lines of the theme song of the Swacch Bharat or Clean India Campaign. The literal translation of these lines would be: ‘We have decided on a Clean India, we have now made this promise to our country!’This is, indeed, a very strong and striking line. It would have been more meaningful if only we stood by these lines and actually did our part. It would, of course, be very wrong on my part to say that this campaign has not progressed at all. In fact, narrowing down to our city, I am quite proud to see a much cleaner Shillong in only a span of a few months. However, what we need to realize is that cleaning up is just not enough. What we actually need to do is ‘Clean, Keep Clean and Be Clean!’ There have been cleaning drives carried out, awareness programmes organised, shows broadcasted and though there ‘have’ been people doing their bit to keep our country and planet clean, there are also others who sit back and do nothing, to be more precise, talk against people who actually work for this cause! Yes, I ‘do have’ proof. How often do we use the Dhankheti overbridge, which is ‘supposed’ to be a landmark in Shillong? I don’t use it often, maybe I use it at least once in 2 months and every time I’ve walked across the bridge, I’m ashamed to say that there would be just one thing going on in my mind- how quickly I would get off it!(Of course, there would be just two ways of this actually happening i.e. either by running across it as fast as Flash or by jumping off it!! And obviously, my life is too precious to go with the second option)Yes, I could also go with the option of not using it at all but tell that to my Mom and she would just go on explaining that its too risky to be crossing on such a busy road. Let’s be honest and admit the truth- it is filthy and we have made it that way! The point is that people talk a lot now-a-days. Many people are like hollow vessels that make a lot of noise but are in fact…hollow.What we should be doing is first, cleaning up our minds and hearts and accepting the fact that we are all humans who occupy equal space on this earth and realize that it is “everyone’s”duty to clean up our country. Then, we can go about nagging about cleaning up our environment! I know that the respected reader may be thinking why all of a sudden, out of the blue, have I sent an article on such a subject, without any important event having taken place recently regarding this topic. But, according to me, its time we don’t only wait for occasions to take initiative, to take action or even to get out and pick up a food wrapper outside our houses because its now time we ask ourselves how much we have actually contributed to cleaning up our country. Not that I have contributed so much as to now advise everyone what to do but I’ll go ahead and reveal my age now since I know that after reading this many readers must have already started talking castigating this writer who thinks she knows everything, right? I’m a 14 year old school student who’s trying to figure out why is it that all her elders tell her to grow up and do something for the environment while they themselves do….nothing!!! Well, I can’t go about and start cleaning up the streets for everyone to follow but what I do want is to see a better, cleaner and safer environment through the efforts of not only the next generation but also those same people who just…talk! So, let us join hands, work together and make our voices heard, let us work together to change the world!

Yours etc.,

Athira Saji,


MCCL – Govt’s white elephant


The MCCL which is a premier industrial undertaking of the government is in dire straits. The unit which was giving good dividends in its initial years has become a sick unit and the time is not far when it will become a dead and abandoned unit. The cement factories which have come up in recent years are running with high profits and are growing day by day. Now we have not just one or two but quite a member of cement producing units which are minting money and making huge profits. It is high time that the MCCL has a change of guard and expertise. An IAS officer may be a good administrator as far as government functioning is concerned but an industrial unit needs an industrialist who is in the perfect know of the functioning and administration of a cement producing industry. The government should immediately hand MCCL over to a private party who will be able to run the factory with remarkable efficiency and better dividends and save this unit from complete annihilation.

Yours etc.,

SL Singhania,


Some touristy points!


I would like to bring to the notice of the Minister incharge Tourism and Director Tourism that the Air Force Authority have now stopped tourists from visiting the Shillong Peak View Point. This was a reaction to the security breach in the Pathankot air base. By doing this the tourist inflow to Shillong is affected. Next is the road maintained by PWD from the turning 5th Mile turn-off to the road that goes to Shillong Peak. This is a single lane road and very difficult for two vehicles to cross each other. Since the Shillong point View is the most popular point for the tourists, so the Tourism Department should initiate to make the road a double lane one since at the point of the old Governor’s House at Shillong Peak the road is very narrow especially at the turning. One vehicle practically has to go off the road and land on the drain when another vehicle approaches from the opposite side. My suggestion is Govt should construct its own approach road to Shillong Peak View Point. Before reaching the Air Force Gate, the hills on the left hand side belongs to the Government. This can be used to construct a road which will reach directly to the View Point without touching the Air Force area at all. Govt should initiate construction of that road immediately for the convenience of the tourists. Secondly, the road should immediately be made double lane as traffic has increased substantially and there is provision for widening the road. Since the Govt. is promoting Tourism and asking tourists to come to our state let it also create the facilities for the tourists otherwise how do we expect them to come here? I request the Minister Tourism and the Director Tourism to take immediate action on this.

Yours etc.,

BK Khongsar,

Via email

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