Dual-post anomaly irks UDP

SHILLONG: The UDP has taken a series of resolutions including the need to streamline the finances of state which is in mess, double standard of the government on dual post, militancy, and the interference of the judiciary and the state government on the customary rights of the people during the general council meeting of the party held here on Saturday.
Highlighting the resolutions adopted in the meeting of the party, UDP senior working president Bindo Lanong  told reporters that the party has taken note of status of the state finances which is in a mess.
“The state government cannot clear the dues of many of the employees, and moreover,  the bills of the contractors are also pending besides huge dues of power bills due to the financial constraints on the part of the government, ” Lanong said.
According to Lanong, the poor handling of the budget and the finances has resulted in youths getting frustrated and joining militants especially in Garo Hills.
The UDP leader said that the government in power should ensure that peace returns to Garo Hills.
Dual post inconsistency
Lanong said that the party has regretted the inconsistent stand of the state government as far as the issue of dual post is concerned.
The UDP leader said that while the KHADC CEM P N Syiem can go ahead with holding two posts, many MLAs had to quit the post of  MDCs at the instance of the Chief Minister.
“In this context, what would be the fate of the members who have already resigned  Will the earlier order of the government in this regard be revoked”, the UDP leader asked
According to Lanong, the state government has not taken the same yardstick as KHADC chief is still continuing to hold the post of MDC-MLA, whereas seven legislators had to quit as MDCs.
The UDP president Donkupar Roy also added that the State Government should own responsibility for misleading the Assembly in the last session regarding the dual post which had paved way for many legislators to resign as MDCs whereas it appears that the Election Commission has no objection for the KHADC CEM to continue to hold the same post since it does not come under the office of profit.
Judiciary, Govt interference
Lanong pointed out that the party has decided during the council meeting that the judiciary and the state government should refrain from interfering into the customary practices of the people of Meghalaya.
“When you touch the right to life, way of life and food habits of the people, this would be tantamount to infringements on the rights of the people, and the general council has regretted the uncontrolled, undemocratic interference by judiciary and state government on the rights of district council, authority of sixth schedule by making law in respect of village administration which is like over stepping of the jurisdiction by  both judiciary and government”, Lanong said

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