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Manipur solidarity group wants withdrawal of forces from JNU

IMPHAL: The solidarity group of Manipur  has expressed anguish over the happenings in Jawaharlal Nehru University.
In  a statement  issued to the media on Sunday, the solidarity group  from Manipur said that they are appalled by the conduct of the present regime against Jawaharlal Nehru University where students are being hunted down for debating on an issue which is also close to the heart of Manipur.  The statement said that there is a critical need for deepening dialogue on the very idea of India so that many nations and nationalities have space for their expressions rather than stifling them within a very narrow definition of India.
There are very few institutions in India where such a debate can take place, and a healthy debate will allow India to be critical of itself ensuring a more vibrant multicultural and multi-national India, the statement added.
“We demand unconditional withdrawal of police personnel from campuses, and reiterate our support and solidarity with the students, faculty and staff of JNU,” the statement added.

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