Don’t misuse Freedom of Expression!



Albert Thyrniang’s article Debates are welcome, not intimidation (ST Feb 12, 2016) has again blamed RSS of being linked with Fascism and Nazism. I seriously want to state that he does not have any information about the RSS and is trying to confuse the society through your newspaper. Interestingly  history is testimony to the fact that the RSS cadres demonstrated great patriotism and sacrifice during the Chinese aggression of 1962 . The first Prime Minister of India Pt Jawaharlal Nehru invited the RSS cadres for the Republic Day Parade  on Jan 26, 1963 at Rajpath, Delhi. So going by the statement of Albert Thyrniang did Nehru also supports the RSS link with Fascism and Nazism? Jawaharlal Nehru was a global leader and he was famous for his secularist ideology so why did he invite or give due honour to the so called “communal organisation” (RSS) to demonstrate their strength  and discipline with their own uniforms on a prestigious event celebrating democracy at Rajpath? In my opinion Albert Thyrniang does not know the another links that RSS had with Mahatma Gandhi. In fact Gandhi visited the RSS camps several times and discussed various social issues with the founder of RSS Dr Hedgewar.  He was impressed with the systematic work of the RSS across all castes. Even a veteran leader like Dr. Ambedkar had also visited the RSS training camp. If all these great leaders are well wishers of the RSS and praised its cultural and national work then apropos Albert Thyrniang are these great leaders also linked with Fascism and Nazism?
Even the former President of India Late, Dr APJ Kalam also visited the Headquarters of RSS and paid his tributes to the RSS founder Dr Hedgewar at Reshimbag, Nagpur.
All these great global leaders of our country appreciated the cultural ideology of the RSS and they have never ever hinted that the Organisation is linked to Fascism and Nazism. Without understanding the ideology and history of any organisation, just blaming it blindly reeks of fascism too. My sincere request to Albert Thyrniang and his ilk is not to misuse their ability to write and their freedom of expression to malign an Organisation they know very little about.

Yours etc.,

Elio Khiewkhar,  
 New Delhi.


Of ulterior motives


The CEM of KHADC Mr. P N Syiem’s idea of floating a so-called forum in the form of a People’s Platform is appreciated but we need to understand that this is another ploy to garner political space and public votes for the 2018 state elections. It is interesting to note that the political tussle between the KHADC where the CEM is a Congressman and the State government which is also led by the very party he represents do not see eye to eye as far as the Village Administration Bill (VAB) and other piquant issues plaguing the Khasi hills. A similar alliance called the Regional Party Alliance which was floated to take over the Congress failed miserably due to disunity amongst the regional groups and benefitted the Congress in retaining political power for long. In this context, instead of having a platform of people, the strategy should be to have a holistic approach of involving people directly in deciding and choosing what policies are best suited to the present circumstances and the challenges that each village faces. There cannot be a small group that decides on behalf of the majority while the basic principles of peoples’ involvement from election of Headman to choosing which party they vote for are sidelined. Government programs and policies fail because of a half-hearted top-down approach. A forum that can define the needs and aspirations from the grassroots up to the top echelons of governance would be more pragmatic in empowering the people.

Yours etc…
Dominic S. Wankhar

Defective street light


Through this letter, I would like to bring to the notice of all concerned that a defective street light in Garikhana locality of this city, opposite the parking space and which is one way towards Mawlai, has been lighting on and off continuously for the past few months. This is gross wastage of energy and may pose as a hazard. I pass this way frequently and have noticed that the light bulb has not yet been replaced or the fault repaired. Will the authorities please respond?

Yours etc.,,

A. Dutta,
Shillong -2.


Demonising the RSS


Apropos Fr Albert Thyrniang’s letter, “Who violates the freedom of expression?” (ST Feb 3, 2016) and also Mr. Vinay Joshi’s article (ST Feb 2, 2016), I as a Baptist Christian have nothing to do with RSS or Catholics. But one thing is that is very clear is that RSS is being demonized purposely by vested interest groups, During my college days in Delhi I have had interface with RSS members and on return to AssamMeghalaya, I sometimes meet them here too. But I could never trace a single point which Fr Albert mentioned in his article. At least in the North-East the RSS has always been at the receiving end as mentioned by Mr. Joshi. One more aspect about the RSS in Meghalaya is that it runs numerous schools for poor tribals and my two cousins received free education in those schools in Garo Hills. I hope the issue will stop here and Fr. Albert will focus more on theology than politics. My advice to RSS leaders and cadres is that they must make all out efforts to clean up and repair their demonic image in North- East India.

Yours etc.,

Dalina Dalbot Shira, Via email

SAG opportunists


The SAG is indeed an honour to our state and kudos to all who are working tirelessly to make this event a grand success. However, the opportunists are taxi drivers from Polo who are fleecing local commuters without the authority’s direction and instruction. The normal fare from Polo to Nongmynsong is Rs 10 but the cab drivers are now charging Rs 20. As a concerned citizen I request the concerned authority to look into this and ensure that the people of the city do not end up at the receiving end because of the Games.

Yours etc.

, Reuel Mawlong, Via ema

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