High Court order, timely


The direction of the Hon’ble High Court of Meghalaya to dismantle buildings exceeding the mandated building laws and construction code of G + 3 is a pointer in the right direction. The recent ” shake-up” on the very first month of the New Year should be a real wake up call.  Many places especially in Iewduh area which have been shabbily constructed to house labourers and store goods should be inspected by the Syiem of Hima Mylliem since it falls under his jurisdiction. The recent High Court order to the CBI to file a formal charge sheet in the Supreme Court against all those involved in such a shameless scandal would have a strong political fallout on the Congress Party which would be closely watched.  Corruption and constructing buildings without least concern for innocent lives at stake especially in a severe earthquake zone is utterly disgraceful for a so-called Christian majority state. What happens next is something we need to watch out for in the front pages of newspapers.

Yours etc..
Dominic S. Wankhar

Agree to disagree



 Since the opinion of Mr.Sujit De is unlikely to converge with that of mine around the issue of surnames, I desire to rest my case after responding on two points raised by the former in his letter titled “What’s in a surname”(ST January 8, 2016).


 It has become a “fashion” in the non-Muslim world to label Islam as a religion leaning towards terrorism but if anybody dares to point out the examples of Hindu, Sikh(in the Khalistan days of Punjab) or Christian terror(Ireland of not too distant past); the anti-Islam lobby instantly dubs it as “exceptional”! Thanks to such biased mindsets prevailing in the society, Mr De immediately termed the ordeal of my ‘Malkhandi’ cousins as an “exceptional” case of torture on a Brahmin through exploitation of surname! It is highly tragic to notice how Mr De is trying to suggest that all Dalits of India have to discard studies following taunts around their surnames! But the fact remains that innumerable Dalits have prospered exceptionally well in education sphere. Yes, many have been forced to quit studies, but that is due to economic factors and such cases of drop outs can be found in many impoverished families of “high caste” vintage also! 


Mr De also supports ban of surnames as many of it suggest their “lowly” family occupations and the bearers of it have to face ostracism or abuses. But he is perhaps not aware of the fact that people get discriminated on the basis of their profession also. For example, a doctor or a judge, however corrupt he/she may be, will get much more respect from the society than a “mere” peon or an auto driver in spite of his/her impeccable honesty. So prohibition on usage of surname will hardly serve any purpose. Again I reiterate that immediate steps be taken to change the mindset of people through implementation of strict laws banning discrimination on the basis of race-language-caste-region and introduction of moral education in schools so that the young minds are enlightened right from the budding stages of life.

Yours etc.,

Kajal Chatterjee,

Via email

Kolkata – 114


Homage to Justice Kapadia
Justice S H Kapadia former Chief Justice of India expired on 4th January 2016 in Mumbai at the age of 68. He was born in a poor family with abject poverty. At one time he had to survive with a little food being provided by the roadside peanut seller. He started his career as a class IV employee of the High Court.  It is astonishing and inspiring that he rose from the lowest category employee to the highest rank in Indian Judiciary. He was a man of impeccable character and was popular for his uncompromising stand on principles. Justice Kapadia was instrumental in some landmark judgments like quashing the appointment of CVC, which made severe embarrassment to the Government culminating with Prime Minister admitting the error in appointment and Vodafone case etc. He did not take any position in Government / semi government/ autonomous organization after retirement, implying that he did not do anything to appease the political parties in power during his tenure. My humble tribute to the eminent jurist and embodiment of human virtues! May his soul rest in eternal peace and tranquility.

It is generally seen that people who are from poor and humble backgrounds make exemplary citizens. There are innumerable examples to prove this point including Late Lal Bahadur Sastri and Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam
Yours etc.,
E M Adithyan

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