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A pampered class!


Apropos to the news item ‘strike by Secretariat association’ I am amused to note the association is wearing black flag for pay rise and against access control system. It has become a fashion in our country to fight for rights while conveniently ignoring duties. There cannot be any rights without a corresponding duty, responsibility and accountability assigned to it. The General Secretary of the Association who is working in the Finance Department for a long time does not even know the basic fact that any salary increase is associated with the Pay Commission report and Secretariat service cannot be considered for pay rise in isolation. Government servants of the state are a pampered a lot and public has to pay for maintenance of the luxury of such people. While the larger population is struggling for day to day survival this arrogant, inefficient and even corrupt pampered class is demanding more money from the public exchequer. Nobody begged this class to come and join Government service. If one is not happy in the service he or she should quit. There are thousands today who are starving and waiting for jobs so if some of these shirkers quit their jobs they would be doing a great service to the public. This pampered class has forgotten that the Secretariat service people are paid much more than others in the same grade. What is great about this class of Government servants? And why such a discrepancy in pay? This Association has been also demanding for removal of access control system (ACS) in the Secretariat until all other offices in the state are covered. By the same logic no salary should be given to this class until all other offices are provided with the same salary. It is like a criminal saying in the court, “Don’t punish me until all others are punished!” These employees who behave not like public servants but like masters from the elite service should first prove that they deserve the job and the pay then they need not be afraid of ACS or any other machine. This fear is because most of them come so late that they are caught by the ACS. So don’t cheat your conscience! We say this is a Christian State where service to people is service to God but we don’t see that in the performance of duties, do we?

Yours etc.,

H. Syiem (retd Govt employee)

Shillong- 3


Who will save the environment?


The news reports that have highlighted the death of fresh fishes in the River Lukha come as no surprise. This has occurred even when coal mining was at its height. However, the controversy remains to be uncovered as now when coal mining has stopped which party is responsible for the bluish colouring of the River Lukha? Is it the cement companies or some other reasons? RTI activists Michael Syiem has produced evidence of rampant encroachment of Narpuh forest and now with the poisoning of fishes we do not need any further explanation from a toothless MPSCB or its officials. Every public hearing is a sham and only meant to manipulate the crowd through so-called development programs. Perhaps the High Court could take a look at the role of cement firms which are directly violating the NGT and have failed to protect all forms of ecosystems. The High Court should take suomoto action on this serious degradation caused to the environment. We now need environmental justice to be served by the judiciary

Yours etc…

Dominic S. Wankhar


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