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The frustrating news


People expect a lot from news channels, for they bring headlines from one corner of the world to the other, but these days news channels do not live up to the expectations of viewers. Instead of presenting the headlines, they focus on a particular story to kill time. A month back, the entire focus was on the Sheena Bora murder case; now, the news channels have shifted their attention to the Mumbai double murder case. News channels are constantly in search of a story which can kill time. This is true with most news channels. The management bodies of such news channels should come up with ideas to satisfy the viewer rather than to kill time. At the time when the Bihar elections were going on, news channels were busy sowing seeds of conflict between the contesting parties and also between the members of a particular party. They did this by continuously making announcements of the abuses hurled by the candidates on one another. News is no more news. The management board of the news channels should look to present the proper news and headlines. Until this happens, news channels will not be able to touch heights or to satisfy the common man.

Yours etc.,

Pratham Sharma,

Via email


NH 44 : Govt deaf to pleas


I write with deep concern over the pathetic and deplorable condition of the National Highway 44 in East Jaintia Hills particularly from Sonapur Village-Umkiang to Ratacherra. Through this letter, I also would like to express my deep anguish and unhappiness over the attitude of the Govt. through the PWD(R) Jowai Central Division and NHAI towards this road. It is to be reminded that the road is under NHAI. Last year, I was informed through a reliable source that NHAI has sanctioned more than Rs. 21 crore to repair the NH-44 from Jowai to Ratacherra. The task to repair the road was given to the PWD(R) Jowai Central Division and thereafter the PWD(R) has further given the task conferred on it to some private contractor and I have documents to prove that as per the terms and conditions between the contractor and the PWD(R ) Jowai Central Division, the road should be repaired by July 2015.

I have to admit that, the PWD(R ) through its contractor has repaired some portion of the road like in Jowai and Ladrymbai and some parts of East Jaintia Hills. However, the repairing was badly done and the villages which fall under Elaka Narpuh in East Jaintia Hills were not covered in the said work. The longest bridge in Elaka Narpuh the so called Sonapur bridge and the lone road tunnel in Sonapur, were not repaired even once since 2012. The road over the said tunnel and bridge is almost not motorable. All the rods are exposed but all this is glossed over by the PWD (R) and NHAI. The present condition of this road is like a curse to the commuters and people who live in these villages. Many parts of this road is littered with potholes, big enough to make a heavy vehicle turn upside down. Small and light vehicles often breaks down and accidents in these areas is a daily routine. Recently on the 16th December 2015, one loaded truck met with an accident because of the potholes in a village called Kuliang.

The consequence was that the entire NH-44 from Khliehriat to Ratacherra was jammed and blocked for the entire day and this has brought a lot of hardships to the people. I still fail to understand , why the PWD (R) cannot repair the road even after getting such a huge sum of money? Where has this money gone? Can the PWD(R) use such money for the good of the people? Who wants bad and pathetic roads? I don’t think that the condition of the road will be as it is now if is in Shilllong. It’s a shame that, the PWD(R) is himself from Jaintia Hills but still he doesn’t see this problem. It’s a shame that our local representative is in the ruling party but he is yet to raise his voice on this issue. Its already too late for the NHAI and the PWD to act, but still I request you again to please act for the sake of the larger public. Failure to act, will make the two agencies answerable in the court of law in the form of a PIL….and the judiciary will act.

Yours etc.,

Kynjaimon Amse Umkiang,

East Jaintia Hills

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