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Abrupt halt to IGNOU educational programme


It is regrettable to state that the educational programmes broadcast by IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University) through the radio FM channel of 103 Megahertz or thereabouts on myriad subjects of educational interests twice a day, prime time being 7AM to 9AM and the next being scheduled from 6PM to 8PM had abruptly stopped forthwith now for more than one year to my utter chagrin. I am at a loss to understand why such value based transmission which immensely aided me a lay person and to which I passionately listened to draw invaluable nuances on themes pertaining to Economics, Political Science, Law, Literature, Correct usage of English language, etc have been discontinued. Listening to discussions, deliberations and instructions imparted by erudite scholars and eminent teachers has made me become more humble to come to terms with how hollow my insights of such assorted subjects on earth, actually is. Palpably, this loss might also have been felt by the mainstream students. And what is less well understood is why the IGNOU authorities had stopped this programme indefinitely without citing any reasons? In fine, I only hope that IGNOU would resume this knowledge oriented relay sooner rather than later.

Yours etc.,

Jerome Diengdoh

Shillong – 2



This is a rejoinder in response to the letter by Mr. P.M Syiem with regard to the Eco Challenge published today the 8th of December 2015,in Letters to the Editor, Shillong Times. It may be mentioned that the organisers of the Eco Challenge had categorically announced before the flag off of the race on 21st November, that only the prizes for the Top Finishers ( Men & Women ) would be distributed at the end of the race. Due to the large number of participants, it was announced that the certificates would be handed to all at the NEHU Old Guest House on 23rd November 2015, 11 AM. Prizes and Certificates to the Winners ( Male & Female )were distributed by the Sordar, Nongblai Elaka & Director NSS, NEHU, at the Madan Wahlyngkhat after the Eco Challenge on the same day i.e 21st November 2015. The rest of the participants collected their Certificates from NEHU Old Guest House on 23rd November including participants from far flung places like Pynter, Pynursla, Jowai, Nongpoh. The participants from NEIGRIHMS, Lady Keane College, St Anthony’s College, St Edmunds College, Umshyrpi College to name a few collected their Certificates from NEHU and their respective colleges. Further, the Organisers would like to inform the participants that they should collect their certificates from the NEHU Alumni Office in NEHU Mawlai Umshing campus on any working day between 11am and 4pm. For any information please call the numbers – 9863109538 / 9436103736

Yours etc.,


Organising Committee,

Eco Challenge


Domino’s outlet minus swipe machine


On December 6, 2015 we went to the newly decorated, well furnished Domino’s Pizza outlet at Laitumkhrah and ordered pizza. The bill came to Rs 800, so we paid using our debit card. But to our surprise, the manager refused to accept cards and insisted that we pay in cash. As we did not carry cash we forfeited the pleasure of having the pizza and the newly pizza outlet too lost its charm. We wonder how such a renowned outlet has no swipe machine. We therefore urge the proprietor to kindly install a swipe machine for payment as is being done by the other outlets in Thana Road or else they will lose customers who do not carry cash with them but rely on debit cards.

Yours etc.,

PM Syiem,

Via email

India a superpower?


A recent Indian Marketing Research Bureau (IMRB) study sshows that 90 % of Delhiites have protein deficiency (won’t be surprised if the PM is in this slot) and that over 80 % Indian diets are protein deficient. 91 % of vegetarians surveyed have more deficiency as compared to 85 % mon-vegetarians. Not only that. During the same time there is a report that the ISIS says ‘No’ to Indian recruits. It cites poor performance in terror induction training and propensity to cheating. Many are rejected and some used for carrying luggage. Let us go deeper into the subject. The poor man’s protein, Dal, has 6.7gm/100 gm protein. Chicken has 34 gm, beef has 27 gm and dog meat 19 gm. And each person needs at least 1 gm protein per one kg body weight per day. Meaning a 60 kg poor man if he has to meet his protein needs with dal has to take at least 1 kg of dal a day. This is quite impossible. Meghalaya happens to be the highest beef eating state in the country with 58pc of its people consuming this protein. Still its price is not cheap and hardly anyone can take 300 gms a day to keep fit and healthy. And if we want to produce more sportspersons and footballers then this amount of protein needs to increase not decrease. I am sure Mary Kom, Leander Paes and MS Dhoni (he is a Rajput) are not vegetarians. Even Saina Nehwal who used to be a vegetarian turned into a non-vegetarian in 2005. If I want to build my body, my role model can never be the thin, shriveled Baba Ram Dev the Yoga expert. I’d rather take the Undertaker of WWF fame who has been reigning for last 25years. In Meghalaya, nutrition is never part of any major Govt Department (not even health).So my appeal to Dr Mukul Sangma is to seriously take up this issue and if necessary cow meat should be the staple food of the state and not endorse the so-called indigenous food without scientific evidence. And as for our PM, I would suggest he change his diet to bring him at par with Obama or Angela Merkel whom he wants to impress. Instead of the oil pipeline from Iran, we should seriously consider a protein pipeline from Russia or Mongolia. Only then we can start dreaming of being a superpower. Make beef cheap; don’t ban it.

Yours etc.,

Rasputin Bismarck Manners


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