Unfair blame!


Through your esteem daily newspaper I want to clarify about the news published in some local dailies about the leakage of class IX ongoing examination question papers. In the report published on the November 25, 2015 the name of Nongtalang has appeared and blamed to be the source of leakage of the question paper on Mathematics and Science & Technology. I was extremely shocked by such news. Actually being a non-Khasi I asked one of my Khasi colleagues to explain to me the contents of the news on the said subject in the front page of a vernacular daily. After hearing the explanation, I wish to clarify that as the Centre in charge, the source of leakage is not our centre. I have been adhering to the instructions of MBOSE, Shillong cell, right from the date of collection and distribution of question papers to the schools concerned. In addition to the Board’s instructions, as a safety measure, I asked the collector of heads of the schools clubbed to our centre to check the bundles for any sign of distortion and tampering and to append theirs signature in the paper mentioned for that purpose which they did accordingly.

So I have a clear answer that  the leakage of question papers from our collection centre does not arise. Furthermore, I agree with some social organizations  who fight for the welfare of the student community that the matter is very serious. It needs early and thorough investigation to detect the real culprit for necessary punishment. Also I request the media not to publish news by citing from unreliable sources and without adequate proof since it tarnishes the name and fame of the Centre.

Yours etc.,

Centre In charge,

Nongtalang  Secondary School,


Where is the prize money?

Editor, ,

Kudos to the NEHU Alumni Association for organising the Eco Challenge 2015 to Rngain.However, we would like to know why even after completion of the challenge within the stipulated time, we are in the dark about  the distribution of the prize money of Rs 2 lakhs. Please enlighten the public as to whom, when and how was the amount given since we have not even got a token of certificate in spite of completing the challenge.

Yours etc.,

PM Syiem,

Via email

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