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Wanted some clarification!


It has been noticed that the area in front of OB Mall which was once a mini park for tourists was dismantled for best reasons known to the authorities and left in a deplorable condition for years. This has prompted the hawkers to occupy the place for selling food items and whether the food is hygienic or not, no one ever seems to bother. Have the food and health department ascertained the quality of food and whether the sale of any food items meet the criteria and instructions of the departments? Secondly, it has been observed that the open area has been filled and the Government is planning to build something over there. The hawkers are not seen during the daytime but at night and on holidays, they start their activities again. On holidays they are there the whole day. Can the Government clarify what exactly is it planning to build over there? I suggest that the area be developed into a resting place for tourists with steel chairs and benches and be converted into a strictly ‘no vendors’ zone’. It has also been observed that a portion of the land has been left vacant near OB Mall. Is it meant for the entry to OB Mall or for some other reason? Please clarify? If the Government is incompetent to take care of the park, there are many corporate houses, that can come forward to do so. Even the Forest Department or Tourism Department can take care of it.

Yours etc.,

Bhakupar Khongsar,

Via email


Students’ agitation & authorities’ response


“Students’ unrest is characterised by “collective discon-tent, dysfunctional conditions in educational institutions and concerns (of public and students) for change. Students ‘agitations, on the other hand, are characterised by ‘action based on the feeling of injus-tice, identifying source of discontent, frustration and deprivation”. If the protesters indulge in looting, it is not to acquire property, if they indulge in breaking win-dows, it is not to seek vengeance, if they shout slogans against a person; it is not to insult him. All these methods are resorted to merely to express re-sentment against their unfulfilled demands. Agitation is to bring grievance and in-justice to the notice of people in power. So also is the case with the agitation of the Kiang Nangbah Students. There would have been no agitation if their demands had been addressed. But sad to say that as the students were protesting against their unfulfilled demands, the actions of the authorities was barbaric and uncivilized. Water cannons, tear gas & lathi charge were used against the students who express their resentment and grievances. I feel that everyone should condemn the incident not because the students are good and the authorities are bad but because the actions of the concerned authority were high-handed. Therefore, with a heavy heart after seeing the incident I request the concerned authority to avoid unnecessary delay in granting the demands of the students if those demands are genuine and also to act wisely because students are the assets of our state and nation as a whole.

Yours etc.,

Iahmi Khyriem,

Via mail

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