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Condition of Shillong roads


I keep reading in the letters space of your daily several letters written by people on the condition of roads in different areas of Shillong. Most of them complain about their respective localities. The fact of the matter is that every road in the city, especially those leading into respective localities are all in very deplorable conditions. Many of these roads were repaired only last year or six months ago (like the road from Laitumkhrah to Spread Eagle Falls, the road leading to NEIGRHIMS, the road from Meter Factory to Mawlai (currently under repair), the road to Khlieh Iewduh which also was repaired by the MES a few months ago. When it comes to sub-standard work and corruption then the PWD and MES are on the same boat. My question is: Can this kind of sub-standard work by the PWD be tolerated by the people of Shillong? Should we not be out on the streets protesting against the all pervasive culture of corruption that is ailing the State PWD. Who is answerable here? The PWD Minister or the head of the Department? Can the AICC members in charge of Meghalaya, Mr Narayanswamy not take up these issues of governance? Does he have to come here only to settle disputes among the MLAs of his Party? Aren’t the Congress party bigwigs interested in the life and welfare of the citizens of Meghalaya? The problem with the AICC is that it looks the other way at the venality of its elected representatives in Meghalaya. The Congress does not seem to have learnt any lessons from Its defeat in 2014 on account of the mega scams during the tenure of the UPA-2. Its heir apparent Rahul Gandhi is obsessed with Modi instead of keeping his own flock, especially those who are still holding the reins of Government, on the straight and narrow. As citizens what we want from the Government are good roads, basic functioning civic services, such as regular supply of clean and potable water and good electricity supply and law and order. Is that too much to expect? And one wonders too why the Chief Minister of Meghalaya continues to look the other way at the non-performing ministers in his cabinet. If he seeks the views of citizens they will tell him exactly which minister/ministers is/are a liability to his Government. That is in case he does not know. But being the smart person that he is, I am sure he knows but is handicapped by the need to have only those MLAs as ministers whose loyalty to him is unquestioned. This is a tall order. At the end of the day it is all about electoral politics and being in power at any and all costs and we the voters get the short end of the stick. I have a suggestion: Can we all make a loud protest against the terrible roads that we have to put up with today? Can someone with an organization behind them take the lead? There are many who will come forward to join the protest.

Yours etc.,

JB Nongrum,

Via email


The spitting episode


The Rangbah Shnong who instigated the crowd to spit on the Chief Minister’s effigy and who also used very provocative language on October 30 when these so-called respected gentlemen were supposed to have a peaceful demonstration against the Government is from Mawpat and he allegedly is also a Government employee. I am also told that the Rangbah Shnong of several localities in the city including those venerable men in black gowns who are employed by the Government have instigated their people to come out in large numbers on November 5, when the RS will be barging into the Secretariat to confront the Government. This can only happen in Meghalaya. And this is the reason why conflicts of interests are not encouraged in any system. The same duality that exists in the District Councils and legislature when one man is both MLA and MDC also persists in the Dorbar Shnong where a Government employee is also a Rangbah Shnong. This is a defective system that the society does not seem to have grasped. How dare a Rangbah Shnong who is paid by the Government also spit on the same Government. Isn’t this what is called ‘namak haram’ in Hindi and ‘haram nimok’ in Khasi? Perhaps we have forgotten these terms now that we are so used to speaking in English but these are terms that carry weight and the society should be reflecting on them. Khasi society as I see it today is one that refuses to rationalize or reflect. When will it come of age? The elders instead of giving good examples to their younger ones and mentoring then are themselves the worst examples. I am not sure what will happen today but the action in itself is unwarranted and reeks of BJP politics since the leader of the SNSBH was at one time a BJP leader. Dirty politics is what has destroyed this society. But we continue to repose our faith in this dirty system. Woe to us!

C Kharkongor,

Shillong- 21

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