ASAK ultras buried bodies of IB official, trader in same grave

Tura: Search teams from South Garo Hills police have recovered two bodies, believed to be that of central intelligence official Bikash Kumar Singh and cloth merchant Kamal Saha, from a single grave outside of Bolchugre village in Dambuk Aga area on Saturday ending the month long mystery on the fate of the two kidnapped victims of ASAK militants.
The decomposed body of central official Bikash Singh was identified from the clothes on the corpse. He was wearing a red t-shirt and jeans at the time of his abduction.
The murder of the two unarmed men was most chilling as the cold blooded murderers reportedly bludgeoned them from behind with a sharp weapon as was evident from the injury marks on the back of their heads.
Both victims were buried in a sitting position in a single grave.
With the identification process over, the family of the murdered central official is already enroute to Garo Hills from their home town in Bihar and is expected in the region by Monday.
Police sources also reveal that some of the villagers from Bolchugre were aware of the murder and the burial site but preferred to remain silent all along over fears of reprisal by the militants.
It is believed that both kidnapped victims were murdered shortly after they were taken captive by the ASAK militants following the discovery that one of them was a central intelligence official.
After their kidnap from Panda reserve forest while travelling in a public sumo from Rongara to Baghmara on September 24 morning, both victims were taken towards interior Bolchugre village, 12 km inside of Dambuk Aga after which they were executed in cold blood under circumstances that remain a mystery.
The militants had initially tried to cross over into neighbouring Bangladesh but with the BSF on red alert following news of the abduction and police search teams deployed into the forested region, the militants fled in the direction of Chokpot after murdering their victims and burying them in a single shallow grave.
Garo Hills police made a breakthrough in the case after arresting Sengran D Shira, brother of ASAK commander Senbat, from Tura on Friday last.
He revealed to police the direct involvement of Senbat in the kidnapping and murders of the official and the trader and also led police to the burial site in a forest, 2 km from Bolchugre village in Dambuk Aga region. Dambuk Aga is approximately 20 km from Baghmara town.

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